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  1. Picture was taken last weekend in MISSION BC Can you please help?
  2. Picture is taken a month ago. Willband Creek Park near Abbotsford BC. Mid day Thank you in advance for suggestions!
  3. Oh...I see.. Sorry for confusion! Thank you for mentioning! Learning curve!
  4. John Doe- Bird Doe, no experience kind of describe my experience well too ?
  5. ? Sorry, could not come up with any other names ?
  6. Is it? Thank you Kevin! Not a Bird DOE any longer!
  7. A Beetle and a Goldfinch

    © Victor D

  8. Good Evening Another enigma (for me). Will you be able to help? Last week, Evening, Colony Farm, Coquitlam BC
  9. Thank you again for your help with my previous post. Have some more I struggle to ID: Pictures 1 and 2. Two days ago, Colony Farm, Coquitlam, BC, around 7pm. This guy was chasing Kingfisher away before landing on a branch above the water Picture 3. Month and a half ago, North Burnaby, BC, residential area. Midday Will appreciate your expertise
  10. Thank you very much Aaron and Kevin!
  11. Hello. Please help to ID this couple. Saw them yesterday in Coquitlam, BC, Canada
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