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  1. Port Moody, BC, Canada. April 19 evening. Leaning toward Song sparrow as I never came across Lincoln's here yet.. Can I get expert opinion please?
  2. Canada BC Coquitlam. Colony Farm Park, May 5th. around 6pm Song Sparrow? Usually see Song Sparrows on a tree. This one was wondering right on a dyke edge
  3. Will remember, Tony - Thank you!
  4. That was quick, Connor! I was hoping for Orange-Crowned, glad you confirmed! First one for me! Thank you!!!
  5. Canada. BC, Coquitlam, Colony Farm Park 7pm today These two birds were on the same tree with a flock of American Gold Finches. I think the first one is a Warbler of some sort. Second one is kind of different from either male or female finches.. Can you help please?
  6. Canada. BC. Coquitlam. Colony Farm tonight. As I understand it is unusual to see this bird around, but there were many people trying to get pictures and they name it as Sage Thrasher
  7. Canada, BC, Coquitlam, Colony Farm Park this eve. Please help to ID. If Savannah confirmed, will be the first one for me - seems like yellow marking pointing on Savannah Another bird with flower probably female house finch?
  8. Oh...Not here.. those guys are everywhere in British Columbia... Hundreds could be seen in some places at the same time...
  9. Victor D


    Where shoveling required 🙂 Construction sites maybe ? On a serious note - i never try to read about their habitats... Seeing them all over Lower Mainland BC currently...
  10. Victor D


    Thank you!
  11. Victor D


    Me too until Local Birders Group start talking about this guy 🙂
  12. Canada. BC. Coquitlam. Blakeburn Lagoons Park. Today close to 8pm.
  13. Yes! I did Marsh Wren mistake already, someone corrected me 😉 Thank you!
  14. Thank you! Actually came there hoping to see Jays - found more than expected!
  15. Canada. BC. Ladner Harbor Park - today, between 11am and 2 pm I posted this BC Bird's page as a Marsh Wren 🙂 Have been corrected by more knowledgeable person. I guess two species are similar? This bird is on first two pictures. But this place is amazing. There are two species which do not suppose to live there - California Scrub-Jay and a Blue Jay, but they are friends and have been reported by many people since last October I think, So I have them but pictures are not great, from far away against the light.. Also came across leucistic Spotter Towhee.. All of those a
  16. Thank you! Better be male around... Way more colorful!
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