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  1. Thank you all, Yes, I have a couple more pictures. Hope it will help. Basically they are taken from the same angle though...
  2. Found an exactly one year old picture. Taken in Canada, BC, Coquitlam. Colony Farm And of course still in a search of Purple Finch :)) Hope this one is Purple...or House?
  3. Canada. BC. First picture taken in Coquitlam- Colony Farm last night (willow Flycatcher?) Last three in Pitt Meadows - Sturgeon Slough Last one perhaps female Brown-headed Cowbird? Thank you in advance!
  4. Canada. BC. Coquitlam Lafarge Lake 8:30 pm tonight. Lots of Mallards and Mallard/Domestic crosses. But this female one is way darker than others... Usually all crosses have white spots on a chest area, not a case with this duck Any comments?
  5. Victor D


    Cedar Waxwing
  6. Victor D


    Eastern Kingbird
  7. Victor D


    Marsh Wren
  8. Victor D


    Common Yellowthroat
  9. Victor D


    Lazuli Bunting
  10. Canada. BC. Chilliwack this morning Really hoping for Purple, but afraid I am wrong again.. although.. belly does not look streaked. But has brown cap... Can you please help?
  11. Canada. BC. Chilliwack. Great Brue Heron Reserve. Today. 11:30 am Can you please help?
  12. Wow! Can't believe I ID'd Flycatcher!! Was always tough to crack for me.. Thank you!!!
  13. Canada. BC. Coquitlam. Colony Farm park. Pretty sure with Blue-winged teal ID.. My best guess about the second bird is Willow Flycatcher?
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