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  1. Canada. BC. Coquitlam. Colony Farm Park. Around 5 30pm today. Zoomed and cropped heavily. Is that Red Tailed Hawk?
  2. I think it is Golden-Crowned Sparrow. Is it Immature or Female? Today, before noon. Canada. BC. Langley. Brydon Lagoon
  3. Looks like female(1,2) and male(3,4) YRW. Canada. BC. Coquitlam. Lafarge Park. This evening, 6pm Is it correct?
  4. Do they have dark ring on a bill, Alex.. This thing confuses me
  5. Canada. BC Burnaby Lake. March 11th Noonish. Can you help to ID please?
  6. Hi Tony.. Can't say if it was singing... Can't recall... But thank you for very detailed approach... So many similarities and slight differences to consider, before coming to conclusion. My knowledge is not even close to do that. Appreciate you explanation!!!
  7. Please help to ID. I am struggling with these. It is back to July 2020, Two first 5th of July, Last one - 12th. All pictures were taken at Mundy Park. Coquitlam, Canada.BC My version- Swainson's
  8. Canada. BC. Colony Farm. March 12th 4pm. Pictured from the distance. I have no clue....
  9. Canada. BC. Pitt-Addington Marsh. July 23 2020. An old one I would like to confirm I think Juvenile Tree Swallow. Can you please confirm?
  10. Yes...I wish I could provide better picture...
  11. It was a sequence of pictures, continuous shooting, but they are all the same... Bird did not move. No more angles. The only picture I can post..
  12. Is it Sharp-Shinned? From the distance. Canada. BC. Ladner Harbour Park today - 1pm or so
  13. Thank you! It looks alike, but his dark color was confusing
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