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  1. Canada. BC. Ladner Harbour Park today. 1pm. Looks like a flicker, there were many around, but this one looks way to darker than others
  2. Thank you!! Very informative! Appreciate it!
  3. Sorry for this one. It is old. July 2014. Canada BC Stanley Park... Found it on old flash drive... Looks kind of off for GBH...- see first three pictures. Picture FOUR - usual GBH, tons of those around, but I see differences
  4. Canada. BC. Coquitlam. Mundy Lake. Today's afternoon. This was the only one among sleeping mallards. Constantly diving. Looks like female goldeneye? Please help with ID
  5. Would be easier if I can take picture like this one.. It was a couple of days before. Easy to ID..
  6. Was too far away...Have not seen any green.. That's why struggled.. No details...
  7. Sparrow- Lafarge lake yesterday. Afternoon- suspected White Crowned. There were a bunch of then around.. Immature? Duck - Today Port Moody shore trail 10am Will appreciate ID!
  8. Oh I would love to see Lifers... Today I got KILLDEER and some duck I was not able to ID yet. Will post my question soon! Thank you!
  9. Burnaby Lake Yesterday noon Neck seems short... I am hoping for Cackling Goose ID
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