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  1. Awesome, thank you. Never seen one in my yard before. i just put out half an orange on the feeder… hopefully that entices her to come back and hang around
  2. All my birding ID apps are stumped on this one, as am I. spotted this bird today in northern Vermont hanging around the feeder/bird bath area. looked a bit smaller than a Robin. Seemed to be yellow in color. is this perhaps a female Baltimore oriole?
  3. Thanks all for your help with sparrow identification earlier this week (plus one sneaky house finch). I have one more I need help with, but I think maybe I have a guess of my own now. Is this a song sparrow? Captured this photo in suburban northern Vermont in August. Thanks!
  4. Oh geez, its too early to be posting: sorry, yes this was in a white birch, not a white ash. I never would have guessed red poles from this photo. I have only ever seen one and it was up close and alone. Thank you for this!
  5. I took this photo in November in a suburban landscape in northern Vermont. This flock of birds seems to be eating the seeds of this white ash tree. The photos are not that great (it was getting close to dusk) but if you zoom in a bit you can see that the birds have scissor-like tails, a white stripe above their eyes and on their wings. They also seem to have a bit of black mask. Any ideas? Thank you!
  6. This makes me wonder, would this bird in the center (right in front of pole) be a female white crowned sparrow then?
  7. Thank you all. I thought I was too far northeast to have a white-crowned sparrow - good to know!
  8. I am not very good at distinguishing sparrows from one another. Could someone please help identify these four birds seen in the suburbs of northern Vermont? The first photo was taken in March, the bird is perched in a crab apple tree. The second and third photos were taken in September at a backyard feeder. The fourth in the grass of backyard in October. This one "looks" a bit young. Thank you!
  9. Likewise! I saw a common red pole in backyard last week - for the first time ever. Had any good recent sightings here lately?
  10. I was wondering what the protocol might be. Will do next time. And thank you for the id!
  11. Also stumped on these birds. This was taken in August on a bay off of Lake Champlain. Its not a great photo. Maybe I am wrong, but given their length and shape I did not think they were ducks. Thought they resembled a type of merganser. What do you think?
  12. Ah yes, female pine grosbeaks!! Thank you so much!! Never spotted one in my yard before.
  13. Just spotted two of these birds in my yard in northern Vermont. They were on the ground underneath or in the branches of a crab apple tree eating the leftover crab apple (seeds). I have been unsuccessful in identifying the bird through the Merlin ID app and my Audubon field guide. I have never seen a bird with this orange cap before - they are beautiful. Any ideas? Thank you.
  14. Thank you! We never get predatory birds in our yard despite all the songbirds, squirrels and chipmunks. I have never seen one in the wild this close.
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