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  1. Thanks Akiley. I was thinking they were probably hybrids for the same reason.
  2. Picture taken 11/16 in Southern VT. Over a thousand geese. It was pretty cold and I spent quite a bit of time counting and scoping the birds, but didn't spot any unusual birds. I did see a couple Cackling Geese there yesterday. So I took a bunch of pics. The geese were pretty far off, so this pic is quite cropped. Sorting through all the geese in the pics I found these 2 that could be Cackling as they are smaller, smaller heads and a bit stubbier bills. Wondering what folks here think.
  3. Thanks for the help. I didn't think of Dowitcher for the larger bird'
  4. Got these pics today and i am just unsure of ID for either. The peep could be a least or semi-palmated, and I'm not sure about the larger bird, maybe willet?
  5. Thanks akandula. That was my tendency for exactly the reasons you mentioned, but I doubted it only because it came up as a rarity on eBird. I'll go ahead and make the change.
  6. I saw this bird in Maine today and can't decide if it is a Common Tern or a Forster's and could use some help.
  7. Got these pics yesterday. I think I have it figured out, but thought I'd run them by here to be sure. I was watching a Greater Yellowlegs when it was joined by 2 Lesser. The Greater was not happy with the newcomers and there was a short dustup but then they settled down and co-existed. I think this is Lesser One on right is Greater, and other 2 Lesser Greater on left, Lesser on right
  8. I got this distant pic (quite cropped) on a rainy day. I just can't quite get a handle on this bird. I'm leaning towards Solitary Sandpiper. There were other shorebirds around it including Killdeer, Greater Yellowlegs, a very distinct Solitary Sandpiper, a pectoral sandpiper and leasts. The yellowish legs and clear breast are making think Solitary, though it does not have a distinct eye-ring.
  9. Thanks all. I had asked a couple of birders here, and they also agreed it was Red-eyed. The yellow color is what fooled me.
  10. I saw this bird yesterday. In the field it was strikingly yellow, making me first think of a warbler on initial glance. I realized it was vireo and snapped a couple of shots. I ID'd the bird as a Philadelphia, but got a comment on FB that it is a red eyed due to the "Gray crown and eyeline markings". A Philadelphia has both of those as well, so I am still leaning towards that, but wonder what folks here think.
  11. Taken today 7/28. Very distant birds, so pic is quite cropped and not as crisp as I would like. There were some least sandpipers in this group and one pectoral that I couldn't get a pic of but saw with the scope. This bird I think might be a semi-palmated sandpiper, but I am often wrong with shorebirds.
  12. Thanks akiley. I knew it didn't look quite right for a Herring gull, but I couldn't figure out what it was. I saw immature Black-legged Kittiwakes at the Cape a couple years ago, but they were immature and easy to spot due to the M pattern. Didn't know what to look for in an adult.
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