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  1. Thanks Birdbrain. I didn't know it took that long to get full adult plumage.
  2. I got this pic today and I'm pretty sure it is an unusual Redstart. It was singing the Redstart song, but had me confused looking at it in the field. I would think it is a male since it was singing and really doesn't have the coloration of a female. My guess is it is just a wierdo. Any other thoughts?
  3. So I have also put this to some local experts and our eBird reviewers for the county. One suggestion that seems to fit well is female hooded warbler. They have a more olive color to the back, no wing bars, black beak and a yellow cheek. Habitat is right as well, as they like the understory which is where I saw this. What do you all think about that as an ID?
  4. Birdbrain, I am thinking you are right. It all looked kind of right for a Prothonatary, yet it did not have the bright yellow I see in pictures. On top of that I have some great photos of a Blue-Winged warbler (male) that I saw today and I heard another in a location near where I saw this bird. I'd love to make it a Prothonatary, but it looks better for female blue winged to me. Thanks.
  5. OK, now you have me going. I know there was a Prothonatary Warbler in far eastern VT that I did not go to see last year. I attached a photo of the bird unedited. I usually do not do this as I shoot in RAW specifically so I can get the best colors and minimize noise. This is a bit washed out because of no processing. I got another pic, but it is exactly the same.
  6. ;Got this pic today of a bird that had been on the ground by a small rivulet, not in the canopy. This was in a mature hardwood forest. I got no song and no look at the bird from the side. Looks like maybe a pine warbler, but it may be impossible to ID. TIA g
  7. Thanks to you both. I know there is a spectrum, but these 3 stood out. There were several others that seemed probable, but not definitive enough to call. 'Thanks.
  8. Got these pics today. I was mostly scoping and counting a large flock of geese (over 1200) and spotted several candidates for Cackling geese while doing so. I then shot pics of the whole flock. They were on a distant shore, so these pics are highly cropped. I looked through about 2 dozen pics I had of them. There were multiple geese that I would say are candidates for hybrids, but these seemed to stand out as probably Cackling. Just seeing what folks here think. The 2 on the left in this photo The one in the center foreground here.
  9. Thanks everyone. I saw a bunch of Lesser Black Gulls today with varying plumages and have a better handle on them. I am not on the coast, so all seabirds provide challenges to me.
  10. I have been hoping to see some Marbled Godwit here at Pea Island, NC but have come up blank, till today. I think. I took a couple of pics of these far off birds just to see if I could ID them, and I think that they are the Godwits. Only wish I could have been closer for the photos. Just want to confirm my ID. Second pic is cropped from the first.
  11. I got these pics today and really don't know what the bird is. It seems likely for a Pomarine Jaeger, but I really can't say as I have never seen one before. There were 2 flying togetherWish the camera had acquired better focus .
  12. Thanks. I think the blue color really fooled me. Reason I posted it was the wings didn't look right. Blue color may have been some reflection.
  13. I am pretty sure this is a little blue heron. Doesn't quite fit what I have seen before and I'm not sure I've ever caught one in flight. Nothing else seems to fit.
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