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  1. This bird was at quite a distance from me and I watched it for quite a while. I am not great with shorebirds and thought it was a Semi=palmated sandpiper. I ran these photos through Merlin ID and they all came up with Baird's. I do see long wings and a longer black bill which does seem to support Baird's. Not sure if it is buffy colored enough though. The other suggestion by Merlin that might fit is White-rumped sandpiper. Both of these are slightly out of range, but I do know they are seen in New England. Any help would be appreciated. The pics are all the same bird with the exception of the Wilson's Snipe with it in one photo.
  2. I got these pics at a marsh in Maine where both Saltmarsh and Nelson's have been seen. I think I got pics of both but could use confirmation. I think the lone bird is definitely a Nelson's but think that maybe both in the second are Saltmarsh.
  3. A tough ID on this bird, but the under tail pattern was so striking I thought it was worth a shot. Best I could come up with looking at my warbler guide was Palm. Seems I do see a bit of color on the outside of the tail that might rule out palm though. Don't think it is a redstart. That messy breast doesn't help me at all. May not be ID-able but thought Id give it a shot.
  4. Thanks Tony. I wish I had seen it flying a little earlier to get better pics. Best I could do in the short time I had.
  5. Got these pics of a gull flying away from me. There have been reports of Glaucous Gull at Race Point, which is where I got these pics. I am lousy at gulls and this is a rarity now so I want to be sure before reporting it. Thanks.
  6. Got these 2 pics today. I think one is a female Cape May and the other Blackburnian, but could use some help. Only pics I got of them,
  7. Got this distant photo on Cape Cod. The bird seems to have the classic M pattern on the wings but a pretty dark belly which I can't find in my books. Not sure, but seems the best choice.
  8. I knew this was a different bird by the sound it made, but it only let me get this one shot. It was a sound I couldn't ID and from the pic I am at a loss without more detail of beak and head. Thought someone might be able to ID it here though.
  9. Thanks to you both. That slight wash of buff color is what really threw me off. It acted like a Black and white, but I have never seen one with color in it.
  10. Well at least I think it is a warbler. I cannot seem to come to a satisfactory ID. Best I could do is maybe a Blackpoll or maybe a Cape May. Nothing seems to fit well though.
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