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  1. Got these pics today of snow geese (I think). They were at quite a distance, so the pics are highly cropped. I called them snow geese in the field and that is still what I would call them as I can't come up with anything else they could be. The thing that disturbs me a bit is the color of their bills and the fact that they seem large in comparison to the Canada's. I'm thinking the beak color is maybe just a variation (I have seen dark beaks and usually orange, but don't think I have ever seen yellowish beaks). If anyone can help me sort this out I would appreciate it.
  2. Thanks Avery. I decided to call them all common as I didn’t have any good pics showing the key markers. I’m sure there were probably one or more in the flock as I counted 160 in this group
  3. I am pretty sure this is a Hoary Redpoll but wanted to run it by others before adding it to my checklist. This was in a flock of about 180 commons. I think it is the same bird, but it could be different birds as they were constantly on the move and getting pics was difficult. Seems to check all the boxes. Smaller beak, very light color, no streaking on the undertail coverts (though I never got a really good photo of that). It's a rarity here, so I wanted to be sure before I called it. Last 2 photos are not in focus, but I think show the bird in profile showing a bit of a squashed face and small beak.
  4. I got these pics on Friday in Addison Vermont. This is a place that Snow geese are reliably seen until snow drives them further south. I went there actually to see and get pics of Short-eared owls, which I did find and photograph (lifer) but decided to take some pics of the 1500 or so Snow geese in hopes of maybe picking out a Ross's. This is the only bird that caught my eye while sorting through. It happens that I took the pics about an hour apart, but I believe it is the same bird that I picked out of the many pics. Markings of the blue form look the same. At first I thought it strange that of all the geese, that I happened to find 2 possible Ross's that were both blue morphs, but now I think it is the same bird, Thoughts on Ross's. Looks to have a shorter neck and stubby bill compared to the Snow geese.
  5. I tried once for a Hoary Redpoll that has been seen near me, and found it was actually a light colored Common Redpoll. I went back today and think that this is actually a Hoary but am looking for confirmation as it is a lifer for me. This definitely is a lighter colored bird with lighter side streaks, white undertail coverts, a stubbier bill (smushed in look). I believe this fits the bill. Just wondering if people here think so as well.
  6. Thanks Bird Nuts. Just looked off. Probably due to distance and lighting.
  7. I was at a spot in Vermont where a Hoary Redpoll had been sighted. I found that bird and it was a lifer for me. While there I took some quick photos of a bunch of Common Mergansers and one Ring billed gull on the CT river just to document them. Looking at the photos (I was trying to be sure of the ID on the Ring Billed Gull) I noticed this darker duck in the group. Smaller than the Common Mergansers, looks to have a dark bill and perhaps a light or white collar. All I can think of is a female Hooded merganser, but it just doesn't quite look right for that. These birds were at quite a distance an these images are highly cropped and not in the best focus but perhaps good enough.
  8. Got this pic today in Maine. I had it tagged as a Nashville Warbler but just decided to run it through the Merlin app. It suggested a Virginia's Warbler. I have to say it does resemble a Virginia's warbler, but it would be way out of its territory here. Just wonder what folks here might think. Only pic I have. That orange puff on the breast is interesting.
  9. Thanks for the confirmation. The bird was yellow enough that my initial impression was a pine warbler. But then I saw that vireo like appearance and then I just concentrated on getting some shots of it.
  10. Got these pics today. Unfortunately the focus was not spot on, but I think they are good enough for an ID. There were several Red-Eyed Vireos in the same location, but this one seems yellow enough to make me consider Philadelphia. Just wondering what folks here think.
  11. Thanks akandula. That was in my yard, so it is a yard bird, a county bird and a lifer. Awesome!
  12. Forgot to mention this was early morning light and everything had a blue hue.
  13. I got these pics today of this bird that I think may be an Olive-Sided Flycatcher. There have been a few sightings of these in my immediate area. Want to be sure because this is a lifer if it is correct.
  14. Thanks Birdbrain. I didn't know it took that long to get full adult plumage.
  15. I got this pic today and I'm pretty sure it is an unusual Redstart. It was singing the Redstart song, but had me confused looking at it in the field. I would think it is a male since it was singing and really doesn't have the coloration of a female. My guess is it is just a wierdo. Any other thoughts?
  16. So I have also put this to some local experts and our eBird reviewers for the county. One suggestion that seems to fit well is female hooded warbler. They have a more olive color to the back, no wing bars, black beak and a yellow cheek. Habitat is right as well, as they like the understory which is where I saw this. What do you all think about that as an ID?
  17. Birdbrain, I am thinking you are right. It all looked kind of right for a Prothonatary, yet it did not have the bright yellow I see in pictures. On top of that I have some great photos of a Blue-Winged warbler (male) that I saw today and I heard another in a location near where I saw this bird. I'd love to make it a Prothonatary, but it looks better for female blue winged to me. Thanks.
  18. OK, now you have me going. I know there was a Prothonatary Warbler in far eastern VT that I did not go to see last year. I attached a photo of the bird unedited. I usually do not do this as I shoot in RAW specifically so I can get the best colors and minimize noise. This is a bit washed out because of no processing. I got another pic, but it is exactly the same.
  19. ;Got this pic today of a bird that had been on the ground by a small rivulet, not in the canopy. This was in a mature hardwood forest. I got no song and no look at the bird from the side. Looks like maybe a pine warbler, but it may be impossible to ID. TIA g
  20. Thanks to you both. I know there is a spectrum, but these 3 stood out. There were several others that seemed probable, but not definitive enough to call. 'Thanks.
  21. Got these pics today. I was mostly scoping and counting a large flock of geese (over 1200) and spotted several candidates for Cackling geese while doing so. I then shot pics of the whole flock. They were on a distant shore, so these pics are highly cropped. I looked through about 2 dozen pics I had of them. There were multiple geese that I would say are candidates for hybrids, but these seemed to stand out as probably Cackling. Just seeing what folks here think. The 2 on the left in this photo The one in the center foreground here.
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