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  1. Thanks everyone. I saw a bunch of Lesser Black Gulls today with varying plumages and have a better handle on them. I am not on the coast, so all seabirds provide challenges to me.
  2. I have been hoping to see some Marbled Godwit here at Pea Island, NC but have come up blank, till today. I think. I took a couple of pics of these far off birds just to see if I could ID them, and I think that they are the Godwits. Only wish I could have been closer for the photos. Just want to confirm my ID. Second pic is cropped from the first.
  3. I got these pics today and really don't know what the bird is. It seems likely for a Pomarine Jaeger, but I really can't say as I have never seen one before. There were 2 flying togetherWish the camera had acquired better focus .
  4. Thanks. I think the blue color really fooled me. Reason I posted it was the wings didn't look right. Blue color may have been some reflection.
  5. I am pretty sure this is a little blue heron. Doesn't quite fit what I have seen before and I'm not sure I've ever caught one in flight. Nothing else seems to fit.
  6. Kerri, I think you are right. I have seen so many Red-Tailed hawks here, I think I convinced myself this had to be one. My initial impression when looking at the bird through my binocs.was a falcon. Should have stuck with that. The peregrine definitely has that white collar.
  7. Got these pics this morning. Very windy, probably more than 40 mph. This raptor caught my eye from a distance fighting the wind. Took some quick shots. I am pretty sure it is a Red Tailed Hawk, but that white collar seems unusual. It really stands out in every pic I have, from all angles. I do think I see patagial marks and a darker tail and it seems to definitely be a buteo so I went with Red Tailed. Just wondering if others think the white necklace is unusual.
  8. Thanks Birdbrain. Didn't think of Scoter, wing shape looked too stubby.
  9. Not sure on any of these, but maybe they can be ID'd. The first I think may be a Manx Shearwater. I saw all of these birds on Jeanettes pier today, and the Manx has been reported there many times. This is the only shot I got, but it did have a white underside when viewed with my 12x bins (much too windy today to try to use a scope). Wing shape looks like it might be right for Manx. The next pic shows a group of birds that I saw several large flocks of. Thinking maybe Red Breasted Merganser as I see long thin bills and the color pattern looks right. I can't come up with an ID for the last 3 photos. Because of the wing shape and color I am thinking some sort of pelagic, maybe Auks of some kind. Forgot my Sibley's in VT, so I am relying on what I can find online and haven't found a good reference for seabirds yet.
  10. Here is one of the photos that I cropped more and took out all color adjustments. Hazy due to high crop.
  11. Thanks Robinhood. That orange at the base of the bill has me confused as well. It might be a little enhanced with the editing, but I'm sure it was there even in the unenhanced photos. That's why I wasn't sure about Ruddy.
  12. More distant birds. These were diving ducks and the only thing I can think of is Ruddy ducks, but I'm not positive. Hopefully the pics are good enough for ID. I had to enhance the photos to pick up details, so the colors might be off slightly.
  13. I got these pics of a distant flock of shorebirds. None of the posts I have made have been easy, as the birds have all been quite far off. Probably why I am struggling with the ID. This is no different. I think these are Dunlin, as the extreme crop shows a downcurved bill. Pic taken 2 days ago.
  14. Thanks to all for the help. I know it was a tough ID due to poor quality photos and the birds were just dots on the original. I should have thought of Bonaparte's as I have seen them enough. Just didn't register.
  15. Here is another, but not much different. I am from VT, so gulls are quite a challenge for me.
  16. No, I don't mind at all about editing. You are right, no detail as the images are extremely cropped already. I was trying to add more images that are a little enhanced through SmugMug, but the originals are so cropped that they would only post as a thumbnail, so I added enlarged pics from file.
  17. I got these pics today at Pea Island/Nags head in NC today. I thought I was taking pics of a group of Forster's Terns, but there were 4 of these gulls mixed in with them. I am from New England and thought of Bonaparte's gull, but the dark mark is not right for that. I forgot my Sibleys on this trip and have not come up with a good alternative. I know that Iceland gull has been seen around here, but the dark facial mark rules that out (I think). So I am coming up short. Don't really know what they are. These are highly cropped pics as the birds were quite distant. Not sure if you can make it out in the pics, but the bird seems to be all white from underneath with the exception of a small black slash just behind the eye. I have a couple other pics, but not better detail.
  18. Thanks to you both. Redheads and Canvasbacks are quite rare where I live in S VT, so these are birds that I don't readily recognize. I did get some much closer shots of both a couple days ago in MD on the way down here. The head and bill shape do match Redhead, and now that I look the color patterning does as well. Wish they were closer for better shots.
  19. Thanks AlexHenry. I am quite familiar with adult Northern Gannet, and knew the color was wrong for that, but am unaware of what a young one looks like. Now I am going on a search of that. Bill shape makes more sense as Gannet. Gannet have been being seen quite regularly here (I just arrived today)
  20. I don't know if these ducks are identifiable, but seems that they might be just by the color pattern. You can see by the first photo that they were quite distant. I cropped the pics heavily in the next two pics to show what detail I could pick up. Couldn't make out any detail with my binocs. Looks like they have maybe brown heads, black throats and a longer bill. I thought of Pintail because of the bill and brown head, but they have a white throat. Not sure what else would fit. I just can't come up with anything else off the top of my head.
  21. Got these pics today and I believe it is a Manx Shearwater. Not sure as I have only seen them one other time. ID help/confirm would be appreciated.
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