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  1. I got this distant pic (quite cropped) on a rainy day.  I just can't quite get a handle on this bird.  I'm leaning towards Solitary Sandpiper.  There were other shorebirds around it including Killdeer, Greater Yellowlegs, a very distinct Solitary Sandpiper, a pectoral sandpiper and leasts.  The yellowish legs and clear breast are making think Solitary, though it does not have a distinct eye-ring.


  2. I saw this bird yesterday.  In the field it was strikingly yellow, making me first think of a warbler on initial glance.  I realized it was vireo and snapped a couple of shots.  I ID'd the bird as a Philadelphia, but got a comment on FB that it is a red eyed due to the "Gray crown and eyeline markings".  A Philadelphia has both of those as well, so I am still leaning towards that, but wonder what folks here think.



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  3. I am on a vacation to a set of islands in the middle of the Bay of  St. Lawrence north of PEI.  A great birding spot and I hope to find a lot of birds, especially ducks.  I was on the ferry to the islands today and got these shots.  Couldn't figure out what the birds were as I was expecting sea birds but I think these actually were Long Tailed Ducks.  I know that there were numerous reports of them on the marshes and ponds on the islands, but did not expect to see them out at sea.  What I think are the males might be deceiving, as I see no white collar, but as they lifted higher I could clearly see that long tail, which I think is a give away.  The photos were taken from a distance, (severely cropped) but I did see at least 30 of these ducks in several groups and want to report it right.  






  4. I saw these 2 birds today in a location where I have seen greater scaup the last couple weeks.  One of these birds has some yellow coloration around the bill instead of white, that just seems odd.   I don't know enough about these ducks to know if that is just a color variation or not.  I wouldn't guess it is another kind of duck, but I have been wrong so many times that it wouldn't surprise me.  Any help would be appreciated.




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