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  1. I am really bad at shorebirds, but getting a little better. Not sure if these are Dowitchers. Not sure you can tell as most of them have their heads tucked in. If I had to guess, maybe Short-billed.
  2. Thanks Akiley. That middle American Black duck in the bottom pic looked like it might have been another Am. Wigeon. I kind of wondered about Am. Wigeon for the flight photos, but have never seen them in flight, always on the water.
  3. I am visiting Plum Island for a week in Northern MA for a week. Got these shots today of these birds that I am struggling to ID. Forgot my Sibleys, so I expect I'll post a bunch of birds for help with ID. I just can't put my finger on a color pattern for these ducks. Maybe Gadwall?
  4. Thanks all. The Yellow Warbler threw me for a loop as they are supposed to be gone and I just didn't think of it. I thought that first bird was the same as the one I posted below, which I am pretty sure is a Yellow Rump(correct me if I am wrong), but they may have actually been a different bird.
  5. Well, maybe not all warblers but I want to be sure of ID on these birds. 1. Yellow Rumped Warbler? 2. Palm Warbler? Not sure about this bird. Seemed tiny in the field and my sense was kinglet but it lacks the 2 tones that I'm used to seeing with a Ruby Crowned. 4. This bird also struck me as a Ruby-Crowned kinglet and looks to be more like what I am used to seeing.
  6. Thanks for that description akiley. It helps a lot in my quest to get better at ID of the fall warblers.
  7. Ok, I am totally missing how everyone is coming up with pine for the last photo. To me it just looks like another angle of the same bird in the previous 2 photos but there must be a clue leading to female pine that I am missing (rather than palm, or intergrade palm). Not saying that the bird is definitely the same as in the previous 2 photos, but I thought it was. There were about 10 warblers flitting around in the trees in front of me, and I just picked the birds I could get a good shot of, so bounced from bird to bird.
  8. Ah, thanks egosnell. I actually was wondering about Palm for that bird but it was so similar to the Pine that it had me confused. Thanks for the help.
  9. I came across a small group of birds today that my first impression was of Ruby-Crowned Kinglets, but the birds seemed too big for this. I concentrated on getting photos, so could not pick out details well through my view finder. This group of birds were in a couple isolated small trees in the middle of some wide open fields. That coupled with them being in a small flock of 8 or more, made me think of kinglets as I have often seen groups of kinglets together. With my impression of size and the photos, I now think that maybe most were Pine Warblers, but that last bird has me stumped, as there are no wing bars. Totally surprised to find warblers in these isolated trees. Most of the birds looked like these. Distinct wing bars and an eye line with arcs of eye rings which all seem to match Pine. This bird looks very similar to the others, but lacks the wing-bars. The faint streaking on the breast must point to another warbler, but I can't figure it out.
  10. Thanks so much for the help Bird Nuts. I really appreciate it. Helps to keep my checklists accurate.
  11. Got these pics this morning. Fast and furious. It is always exciting birding when it is like that, especially when trying to capture photos. Just looking for ID confirmations 1. Not sure on this bird. My guess is Pine Warbler 2. Another Pine? 3. This one has me confused with combination of white barring and streaks on the back. Maybe another pine. 4 4. White throated Sparrow? (pretty dull if so) 5. Another pine? 6. Red-eyed Vireo? 7. Blue-Headed Vireo, pretty sure of this one 8. Scarlet Tanager. Not sure if female or juvie. 9. Red-eyed Vireo, but I couldn't rule out Philadelphia as it had a yellow cast
  12. Pretty sure of this ID, but just want to be positive.
  13. Thanks Bird Nuts. Some day I'll get these straight.
  14. I missed one going through todays pics. I think this might be Bay Breasted
  15. Thanks psweet. I thought about Redstart for that last when I saw it, but got sidetracked when looking at the photos and forgot to look at it. Yeah, the orange was a give away.
  16. Got these pics today and just looking for confirmation of my ID's 1 Pine? 2. Pine? 3. Wilson's? 4. Nashville?
  17. Thanks all. That little line going below the eye of the Tennessee is why I didn't think it was a Tennessee. Sort of like the facial features of a Cape May. The first 2 were not the same bird, but I thought both were Parula's. I did see a couple other definite Magnolia's though. I struggle with fall warblers.
  18. Just looking for confirmation on these warblers. Fast and furious this morning. Northern Parulas? Cape May Warblers?
  19. Thanks HamRHead. I looked through my copy and must have missed it. I'll look again.
  20. I got the pics below of a common yellowthroat today. I rarely see under the tail of these birds as they are usually in the shrubs below me. The one pic under the tail of this particular bird has a mottled appearance. Is that unusual? Probably just a variation, but thought it was interesting.
  21. Bird Nuts, I totally forgot about this, and the fact that you helped me with the ID. So not a lifer, but still a FOY. A rare bird for me, and one that I need to be a little more aware of, as you never know when one will show up. Thanks again. Mike
  22. Here are 2 more shots of the same bird, just to be sure. Thanks again!
  23. Wow, that is a life bird for me. Never having seen one, I obviously have not seen one. Thanks so much for this confirmation akiley and Bird Nuts!!!
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