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  1. Seen at Upper Newport Bay nature preserve in Newport Beach CA in trees near the bay at about 7pm. Sorry for pic quality but hoping these are identifiable! Thank you
  2. Thanks all. Updated my location, just moved out here from WI recently. I see the major difference in bill, structure and kinglet-like appearance not so much but I will pay close attention in the future! Going with Hutton's Vireo
  3. Seen at 7am at Huntington Park East. Not sure if you can tell just from a visual, but I am thinking Hammond's, Dusky, Gray, or maybe a wood-peewee?
  4. Thank you! Ruddy Duck makes much more sense
  5. Seen 2-4-22 8am at Prado Regional Park in Corona CA amidst a bunch of shovelers and coots. Black Scoter?
  6. Got it - the tail is totally different and the paler face is helpful too. Apparently this is substantially bigger too, but it didn't look too different from the Coopers' I'm used to in Wisconsin! That one is tough to judge. Thanks @Connor Cochrane!
  7. I am new to California, this bird was seen in the city of Placentia CA at a park in a very developed area, at 5:30pm just before sunset. I am no expert, but the round head shape and small tail relative to body make me believe it's a sharp-shinned? Thanks for your help!
  8. Seen outside of Muskego Park in Waukesha County, WI at 3pm on 4/11/21 sitting on an electrical wire. Best ID photo I have unfortunately, nothing of the front side. Any details about why it is or isn't a red-tailed would be much appreciated! Thanks
  9. @akandula, @Avery, thank you very much! The throat is what had me thinking it wasn't a Nashville, but the size and legs are definitely good giveaways.
  10. Seen 10-12-20 at 5pm in a cherry surrounded by dense understory, Waukesha WI
  11. Thanks for all the info, Tony. The Traills is a lifer for me whether it's a Willow or Alder, so yes I am willing to accept it. I'll switch up my checklist to Alder since that seems more likely. Much appreciated.
  12. Thanks everyone for the clarification! I'm thinking it was probably a Willow just based on what I see in my Sibley's range-wise and how they look (eye ring and chest features). The philly and the Willow (or Traill's) are both lifers for me! ?
  13. @hbvol50, @Avery, thank you! Didn't consider the muddy legs but it does look more like the Least. Not enough gray, more brown on the wings. Much appreciated!
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