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  1. @akandula, @Avery, thank you very much! The throat is what had me thinking it wasn't a Nashville, but the size and legs are definitely good giveaways.
  2. Seen 10-12-20 at 5pm in a cherry surrounded by dense understory, Waukesha WI
  3. Thanks for all the info, Tony. The Traills is a lifer for me whether it's a Willow or Alder, so yes I am willing to accept it. I'll switch up my checklist to Alder since that seems more likely. Much appreciated.
  4. Thanks everyone for the clarification! I'm thinking it was probably a Willow just based on what I see in my Sibley's range-wise and how they look (eye ring and chest features). The philly and the Willow (or Traill's) are both lifers for me! 😃
  5. @hbvol50, @Avery, thank you! Didn't consider the muddy legs but it does look more like the Least. Not enough gray, more brown on the wings. Much appreciated!
  6. Seen in Muskego, WI around 9am 9/10/20. All flitting around in some pretty thick tree canopy. I believe the first two are Common Yellowthroats, but I was thinking maybe Canada Warbler for the second one because of that distinct eyering? Wish the focus was a bit better. The third one I believe to be a Tennessee Warbler? And the fourth I at first thought was an American Redstart, but now I'm thinking maybe a Great-crested Flycatcher or some other Flycatcher? Thanks!
  7. Seen in Muskego, WI around 9am 9/10/20. Dark brown cheeks, short black bill, black legs and long white eyebrow. Semipalmated?
  8. Hi all, I would just like to say thanks to everyone for being quick and incredibly helpful! This is a great forum and I look forward to the [hopefully shortly upcoming] days where I can contribute some answers rather than questions. Here's my last ID request from Schlitz Audobon Nature Center in Brown Deer, WI on 9/4/20. This bird was seen amongst thick basswood and maple stands, I can't think of anything aside from a warbler that it could be and the closest warbler I can find is the Parula, although it's not a great match. Thanks!
  9. @Charlie Spencer Good point! Forgot about that option, thanks for the heads up 👍
  10. @Tony Leukering Got it, thank you for the explanation! That will be very helpful in the future 👌
  11. Thanks everyone, I had it on my list as Veery but I will remove it since it's too tough to tell. Appreciate the help!
  12. Saw this fella flying along the shore of Lake Michigan at Schlitz Audobon Nature center in Brown Deer, WI around 10am today, 9/4/20. I am thinking it could be some sort of plover based on what I found in my field guide but it seems much more bare-headed and bare-bodied than all of the plovers I'm seeing.
  13. @akandula, @Sneat, thanks so much for clearing that up for me! I thought I was going crazy 😆
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