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  1. I'm not sure if this is a long eared owl. I don't see any tufts on the head. Short eared owls are very similar to long eared beside the tufts, so I think its a short eared owl
  2. Considering how the beak of this bird is tan and the rest of it is white with no markings of a separate color, than this bird might very well be an albino. Awesome find, if it is. And, I think this is a bunting as well. Pretty hard to tell for sure without a DNA test if this bird is an albino.
  3. I want to give it hug. It's eyes look so sad.
  4. Its not focusing. Its zooming in on an already-taken photo. 😉 Do not worry, this camera's health is not in danger.
  5. If it has a reddish throat spot it could be a juvenile male broad tailed or ruby throated.
  6. I don't have a zucchini with me right now, but I do have three leeks and an eggplant.
  7. Yeah... It does have a blackish head. I wish I could see the beak. That would make it easier to narrow it down.
  8. Adult female common grackles do not have a pale yellow iris, but males and juveniles do. That one is probably a young male, seeing how it's feathers are beginning to look like the adult's feathers.
  9. That's a funky feather. I like the stripes. Maybe its some kind of hawk?
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