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  1. All photos are of the exact same bird taken within 5 minutes of each other. It was the only bird on the pond. So it cannot be both greater and lesser. It has to be the same.
  2. I have several files of this duck. iBird identified one as a LESSER Scaup (Image _65A3032-2) and one as a GREATER Scaup (Image _65A3035-2), each with over 80% confidence. Lesser Scaup are more common in the area (Southern California), but this bird does not have the little "bump" on the head that I typically associate with Lesser Scaup. Hence, I submitted to iBird to see what guidance i could get. No help, sorry to say. These two photos were taken in Borego Springs, CA, at a pond on a resort golf course that is not currently in use and is now home to many migrating duck species. Both are the same bird, and images were taken within 5 minutes of each other around 7:10 AM on 2/24/22. So .... Forum members: what is your call?????
  3. What bird is this? Found in Safari Park in San Diego County.
  4. I wish i could past a picture from my computer to this space, but i don't seem to be able to do it. It's not on the internet so does not have a URL.
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