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  1. Great photos! I love the little Carolina Wren. I may reach out to you in the future about using some pictures. For now, I'm adding some international birds! Here's a Southern Red-billed Hornbill from South Africa.
  2. Haha, nice idea! Here's a pair of Rosy-faced Lovebirds. I've left some room below to talk about a topic -- perhaps courtship. (Is this pair courting, or do friends do this?) If anyone has colorful/interesting bird photos, I'm always on the lookout for new images!
  3. Now for my ice skating trick: the no axel! How many points do I get?
  4. I guess I'm a photographer first. I really enjoy getting a good shot. I also like to identify birds using my photos, since I feel like I'm not great at IDing birds on the "fly".
  5. Yup, and the top one is a Yellow Warbler. I'm glad they are semi-recognizable!
  6. Here are the Warblers! I'm not sure why they didn't display above. I'll add some text about Warblers to the right. Ideas? And thanks for the offer @Kevin!
  7. It’s Warbler time! A Yellow Warbler, Common Yellowthroat, and Wilson’s Warbler. Now I just need to figure out some interesting text about Warblers for the right side. Ideas? I chose Warblers with some yellow. It seems like lots of Warblers have yellow or orange.
  8. Here's a Painted Bunting! (Photo courtesy of @Kevin!) I left some room at the top, so I can talk a bit about the wonderful range of colors in birds.
  9. Here's an Allen's Hummingbird! Thanks to @IKLland for letting me use their wonderful photo. I think my ideas for a new coloring book are starting to come together. I want to have birds from around the world, together with some text about cool features and regional adaptations. Maybe a few activities thrown in for variety. If anyone here wants to let me use their photos, let me know.
  10. Pelicans might be my favorite birds! I decided to work a bit more on the picture above. If this is printed out on 8 by 11.5" paper, the larger pelican should be approximately life size. Plus, since these are American White Pelicans, most of the coloring is already done!
  11. Thanks, all! The talk is coming sooner than I expected, but I think I'm prepared enough.
  12. Hi folks. I saw this hawk in Gilbert, AZ on September 14, 2019. Is this a Cooper's Hawk? (it's mouth is open because of how hot it was that day.) I'm giving a bird talk soon (Birds and the Weather) and want to make sure I know all of the species in my photos. Thanks!
  13. It's a Bullock's Oriole! Thanks to @Kevin for letting me use his great photo: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/340921671. What makes a good coloring book page? I feel like I need more small areas of distinct color. Any ideas?
  14. That's wild! What type of bird is it? It looks like it's wearing big fake eyebrows.
  15. Two new colored pictures: a variety of beaks and a Great Egret!
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