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  1. My Common Yellowthroat. When I finally got a good look at this bird, I was disappointed by the "common" name. How about the "Rare Spectacular Yellowthroat"? You're not common to me, bird.
  2. Cool thread! I don't have a macro lens, but took some snowflake photos using an extension tube. Lots of rime ice on some of these. I also saw lots of broken or clumped snowflakes, but some look more ideal.
  3. No more geometry. Instead, big impressive crests! Growing up on the east coast, I was used to Blue Jays. They're very similar to Steller's Jays in size, shape, and attitude, but Steller's Jays also have rad differences.
  4. Thanks! Yeah, I agree about the geometry. It was worth a shot. To do natural backgrounds, I need to find some photos with backgrounds mostly in focus. Generally, my photos have fuzzy backgrounds.
  5. Do you sell stuff publicly? If so, where is your shop? I added some simple geometry to a couple of my coloring book designs. Better? Worse? I'm still figuring this out.
  6. Cooooooool! Do you sell t-shirts somewhere? How about some beak and claws?
  7. Any of you doing some art? Here's a Black-throated Sparrow!
  8. Thanks for the suggestion! I may experiment with geometric stuff later on - I tried a background like that on the Red-winged Blackbird but didn't like it. Anyway, two more: a Dark-eyed Junco and a Rosy-faced Lovebird. I added more background for the Lovebird but I'm not sure it it makes visual sense. The background was a bit out of focus on the photo. Anyway, those goofy parrots are great.
  9. Hey look, it's a Lesser Goldfinch on a sunflower! A question: if I were to eventually create a coloring book out of images like these, what would you like to see in future images? More or less detail? Different backgrounds? Bird facts? Stories from the field? (I don't mean to dominate this thread. If any of you have been doing art, I'd love to see it!)
  10. Here's a Gambel's Quail. I like the head feathers and the funny way they run.
  11. "New volumizing shampoo, huh? What could go wrong!"
  12. I agree! If anyone has any ideas or experience with making stuff like this, I'd love to hear about it. I'm not sure what the market is like for coloring books, but it would be a fun project, if people wanted to join in. Here's another. I'd seen this little colorful bird flirting around the reeds before, but it was hard to photograph. When I finally got a nice picture and looked up its name, I was a little disappointed at how mundane it was: a Common Yellowthroat. It couldn't have been called a Spectacular Rare Yellowthroat?
  13. I'm intrigued by the idea, but for now it's just a hobby. I'm trying to figure out whether things method of tracing photos makes a good coloring experience. Also, I think I'd want some sort of bird facts or stories to accompany the pictures. Or, if others are interested, perhaps we could think about a community art book! I tried coloring the Heron, and I think it looks pretty good. I've attached it to this message. These are cool! Is it pretty big?
  14. One more: An American White Pelican beach party!
  15. Here's another one: a Black-crowned Night Heron. For a while, this was my nemesis bird. It took me a while to get even a bad photograph of one. Then, last month, one was just chilling at a neighborhood park.
  16. Here's a Red-winged Blackbird displaying on a cattail. Feel free to print it out and color it!
  17. Going back to some photos from last month, with a theme of Spring! Curve-billed Thrashers building a nest! https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/456832671 A Mourning Dove in a nest with her chick. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/456832011 Canada Goslings! https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/456831581
  18. A Yellow-headed Blackbird making a call a few days ago. Their calls are pretty harsh, but I still love these bright birds.
  19. I'm curious why you think so. Do people prefer overcast light over direct lighting? I find the two photos to be comparable, with a more interesting pose in the first. I confess, I sometimes struggle with lighting. Sometimes I think I took a good photo but it turned out horribly back-lit and other times (like the photo of the Black-crowned Night Heron on the last page) a photo with a lot of shadow ends up looking really nice. Should I try to bird more on overcast days?
  20. Thanks! It probably looks like a sunset or something, right? It's actually the reflection of the colorful top of a carousel.
  21. A Black-crowned Night Heron in Gilbert, AZ a few weeks ago. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/451189611
  22. "But honey, just look at the view!"
  23. Wow, that's fantastic! Really good job.
  24. FYI, I'm getting a "Restricted Access" message when I try to look at this photo.
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