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  1. Thank you for that information Charlie. He was definitely a majestic cool bird. I will report it to the link above . I spotted it in burleson county about 40 miles west of college station. I believe I may have seen it a few months ago , but only saw it briefly flying low to the ground in the same area. I couldn’t if it then.
  2. Thank you bird nuts. I kind of thought it might be a cowbird but haven’t seen any adults around. Yeah, I think they pirated the cardinals nest. oh and sorry about that, this was taken today in central Texas.
  3. Thank you Caley? I have reported it to eBird. Your right about it being very distinctive. I do wish I could have gotten a picture. By the time I ran in the house and back out I didn’t see it any more.
  4. This lil bird has been flying around in the trees. It makes a buzzing sound kinda like a hummingbird. It appears to be a juvenile and wants to follow the cardinals around. Any ideas?
  5. I am so excited to see my first ever swallow tailed kite this morning in Central Texas. I don’t think they are common here, but I was in my garden and didn’t have a camera. I saw a large white bird with black trim and a large scissor tail gracefully swooping around and then flew away. Does it still count as a new Lifer with no confirmation? I am 100% positive that is what it was. Such a beautiful bird ?
  6. Sorry everyone, I guess a photo would help!
  7. This bird was walking around Joes Crab Shack in Galveston. I believe it is some sort of pigeon, but don't know for sure? Can anyone confirm. Thank you! Linda
  8. Thank you very much Seanbirds! I am so jealous, I wish I had been there with them. Tony in looking at some photos on line the last bird does look like a Scott's Oriole, it has a lot more black on it than a hooded? Thanks again. Linda
  9. Hello All. These pics. were taken by a friend in BigBend Nat'l Park in Texas this weekend. I thought the first one was a chickadee, but on second look the facial markings don't look right. I don't know the other ones. Anyone know what these are? Thank you!
  10. Thank you Charlie. I thought it might be something like that. I like the Eurasion Collards too, I always have a pair here.
  11. This dove has been hanging around my yard for about the past month. It looks like a Eurasian, but I have never seen one with dark feathers like this one. Anyone have any ideas why it's feathers look like this? Taken in Central Texas.
  12. Thank you for that Tony! I always learn something new from this group (well, new to me..lol), that's why I love it so much.
  13. Thank you twitchy!. I looked at a picture of a Green Heron, but couldn't find one with that much streaking.
  14. Meant to say Shore Bird, not short bird..sorry about that. Didn't know how to edit it.
  15. This picture was taken in Central Texas this weekend. This is a juvenile and its nest in the town by my friends swimming pool. Can anyone tell me what this is? Thank you! LInda
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