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  1. I apologize for the poor quality photo. I took it quickly from my truck. I saw this duck sitting in a creek in Northern Virginia yesterday morning. I know very little about waterfowl. Any ideas? Could it be a domestic duck of sorts?
  2. I'm definitely excited to start learning more and have already started browsing the other threads. I'm still at the "I think that's a Warbler" stage ?
  3. The Bird Nuts, thank you so much. I have been going through the entire list of common West Virginia birds, and for some reason I kept skipping over the Cuckoos. I guess I thought they were more western US birds. I’ve never seen one before, or at least not close enough to know I was seeing a species new to me. And you might not believe this, but I am sitting on my back porch and was listening to yellow-billed cuckoo sounds on my bird app, and as I’m typing this, there is a cuckoo sitting on a branch about 10 feet from me!! Robin sized bird, bright yellow bill, brown bars over white on the underside of tail feathers. I can’t believe it. And the sound is down so low on my phone and I have jazz playing much louder in the background. Did it hear me playing the calls? Did it know I was writing a message about it? Does it like Stan Getz? ? Not only did you help me identify this call I’ve been trying to identify (and driving my wife crazy about) all summer, but while I’m replying to you I get to see one up close. I can’t thank you enough. And what’s funny to me is that I kept telling my wife that maybe it’s a morning sound a raven or crow makes that we just haven’t heard before, and I just saw that “rain crow” and “storm crow” are nicknames for the yellow-billed cuckoo. Thank you again. I’m so stoked I found this forum. -Steve
  4. I just signed up for thus forum today, and I hope I’m going about this the right way. I live on a small mountain near the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. From our cabin, and often while camping, I’ll hear a repetitive, somewhat throaty low-pitch call around dawn. Sometimes I’ll hear it as late as 8:00 AM, but it’s usually closer to dawn. Sometimes it sounds closer to the ground, other times up near the canopy. To me it sounds like a call a dove could make, but there are times when the bird (if it’s a bird) will move from tree to tree, sometimes over a wide area, and I’ve yet to detect flight. And I’ve listened to endless sound bytes of mourning doves and haven’t heard this call yet. I attached a short video I recorded this weekend from our tent. It will probably require headphones, and you’ll have to ignore the rain and the song birds. I think the calls stand out though. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve spent a lot of time going through bird sound databases searching. FullSizeRender.mov
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