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  1. I live in Annapolis MD. It took me a good year to attract the red winged black bird. I love their call. They , maybe two birds, stayed for a few weeks and now they are gone. I feed sunflower chips, peanuts out of the shell , two duets , water fountain , oh and sugar waster for the humming birds, that sadly will be leaving soon. Ive had houses before in the area and they don’t leave??? Thanks! Joani
  2. The stripes are horizontal on the top. Beak is brown and hook like pale underneath , no stripes dark patch on chest. generally different shades of blonde I will try to get a pic! Joani
  3. I know it is not a flicker ( too small) or woodpecker of any kind... I have three different kinds of woodpeckers. I live in Annapolis Maryland and have been feeding the birds for three years and this is a new bird. It does look like a sparrow of sorts, but do they exclusively eat suet?
  4. He/she eats almost exclusively the woodpeckers and Carolina wren suet. Medium sized striped light or darker on top. Pale white underneath... sometimes a dark patch on breast... small head small beak?
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