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  1. 10 minutes ago, RoseE said:

    It looks like a juvenile male rosy grosbeak but they are not supposed to be where I am. 

    I agree that it looks like a young male Rose-breasted Grosbeak. It's quite possible he is just migrating through, possibly after fighting severe weather that may have blown him off course.

  2. 2 hours ago, Bird Brain said:

    That's true. I thought about saying that the winner would post next, but that way some people (like me!!) would never get a chance to post one because we'd never get one right! I think we're all mature enough to do it this way in an orderly fashion. Thanks, @The Bird Nuts for bringing this up.

    I don't know how long it would have taken me to find a suitable photo. I started looking but there doesn't seem to be much of a selection between the obvious blurd photos and the impossible to find bird photos in my catalog. 🤪

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  3. I'm lucky if I see a Bald Eagle once or twice a year, and I get photos even less often. This photo was taken from one of the Botanical Garden parking lots approx 10 years ago. After lugging my camera gear along the trails to get long distance blurry photos of the first Bald Eagles to establish a nest along the north shore of Lake Ontario in decades, and then lugging it all back to the car, we were graced with this flyby just before I we got back in the car. The visual in my head is far superior to the image I captured with the camera.


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  4. On 11/16/2020 at 9:41 PM, Colton V said:

    What really sucks is that the only birds that I ever get close enough for potentially decent photos are always in the dark shadows, so I end up having to crank up the ISO or lower the shutter speed, resulting in fuzzy or blurred photos. The only way I ever get a bird in good lighting is if the bird happens to land in a spot with good lighting - so basically only luck. How can I actively seek out and purposefully get a bird in good lighting? What does "focusing" on lighting entail?

    Sometimes you have to create light where there is none/little. Have you considered using flash?

  5. On 10/26/2020 at 9:49 PM, MichaelLong said:

    Fishing organizations have long complained that the widespread water birds are draining fisheries and local economies by preying on huge numbers of commercially important species.

    Wildlife has long complained about idiots trying to manage wildlife. Wait, wildlife can't complain, they just get killed off and then  someone realizes they might have actually had a role to play in keeping the balance of nature. A prime example is the eradication of wolves in Yellowstone Park and how it changed the ecosystem, and how their reintroduction helped change it back. Let's kill the birds off so they don't deplete the fish supply, after all, it's our right to deplete the fish supply, not the birds!!! *sarcasm emphasized*

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  6. 1 hour ago, Aaron said:

    Also, would Barred owls give solicitation calls this early? 

    That's a good question, one I hadn't considered. I know that owls breed earlier than most other birds, but I hadn't considered the variable timing amongst the different species.

  7. MJ and I heard a bird last night that we need help identifying. It was calling repeatedly from 8-10pm, when we went to bed, and was calling again/still this morning when we got up at 5am. I have my suspicions but we'll see if those suspicions are supported by better qualified ears. Hopefully the audio file works, the call is faint but can be heard multiple times. North of Waterloo, ON, close to the Grand River. 

    Well that didn't work...I'll try again



    17 minutes ago, lonestranger said:

    I don't know what I was thinking, that should read  35mm equivalent, not 25mm.

    I should have also added that equal length lenses will also have different focal lengths depending on the sensor size. A full frame DSLR with a 400mm lens will only give you 400mm focal length, a Canon crop body DSLR with the same 400mm lens will give you a focal length of 640mm using the 35mm equivalent, 400x1.6=640. If you could put that same 400mm lens on a P&S with a 5.6 crop factor, your focal length would be significantly longer, 400x5.6=2240mm in the 35mm equivalent. I hope that helps explain why the larger sensor of the RX-10 works against the 25x zoom magnification when comparing it to the P950..

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