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  1. Perhaps a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak, their markings are similar to the female Purple Finch with a yellowish tinge. Welcome to Whatbird @Master Gardener.
  2. So is the pattern opposite what @Tony Leukering said, 2, 1, 1 for three word names or is WEWP one of the exceptions for the 1, 1, 2 pattern?
  3. The four-letter code is WEWP (Western Wood-PEwee -- pattern of 1, 1, 2 on three-word names; hyphens equal spaces for four-letter codes) Huh? I don't use bird codes but aren't you contradicting yourself? Judging by the bold print and your explanation, shouldn't the four letter code be WWPE, just like @BirdNrd used?
  4. You may have to settle for uncertern, except for the bad puns, they are certern to be abundant.
  5. While I understand your fear of Mountain Lions, and everyone should have a natural fear of any animal capable of killing them, I think your fear needs to be put into perspective. Look at the number of people that have been killed by a car while walking across the road in your town/city over the past thirty years, will you stop crossing the road? Not likely. Similar to being mauled by a black bear in Algonquin Park, the chance is there, but the truth of the matter is, you're more likely to be killed in a car accident on your way to the park than you are to be killed by a wild animal in the park.
  6. Welcome to Whatbird @Mike M. I'm afraid I can't really offer an educated/experienced opinion but my thoughts lean towards not disturbing any active nest. The chance of a negative outcome is a chance I wouldn't gamble with. Just my 2 cents worth. Others with actual nestbox experience may have suggestions/opinions to offer.
  7. Typos might make that statement questionable. As good your writing may be, I don't think minion890 will be back to review it. Sorry I can't help with the ID.
  8. I agree, it's an unusual looking bird. I thought the smoothness(for lack of a better word) was a photo effect but I could have easily been convinced it wasn't a House Finch because of the subtle differences between finches. Maybe it's a HYBRID. *stirs the pot on my way out*
  9. I report these kind of posts/members, it is obvious click bait. I mean really, praising the article and writing style of a simple ID request? Sorry @Aidan B, but your writing style isn't as impressive as minion890 claims, don't take it personally.
  10. And the winner is.... It's @xpoetmarcr's turn to select the next caption photo.
  11. Hey Mom, did you know that you don't move as fast when you paddle with your feet in the air?
  12. Oh, that explains it. I was wondering if it was a real bird or one made of wood. I know it's a Wood Stork, but it sure looks like a wood stork.
  13. Welcome to Whatbird, @Ara Tinga. Feel free to disagree with a suggested ID, but it's requested that you provide a reason when you disagree. ?
  14. Tossing out my 2 cents worth here. #1 People will take photos of bird nests. #2 People will share those photos online. #3 Rules on a facebook page won't change #1 or #2. #4 Policing nest photos involves detective type work. #5 When a tough call needs be made, always favour on the side of the bird. It sounds to me like you have a few options... A: Allow all nest photos. B: Don't allow any nest photos. C : Allow some nest photos and spend your time policing and arguing about which ones are appropriate and which ones aren't. Regardless of your decision, the right thing to do is to discourage anyone from disturbing the wildlife they photograph. Perhaps I am over simplifying things, but what do you expect for 2 cents .?
  15. Following the bottom line of the bill makes me think that it is a long bill, with the top line of the bill giving the illusion of a shorter or broken bill.
  16. I see that I'm not the only one that misses their mouth once in a while. Nice shot.
  17. Ever play spot the difference games? How would you do with these three American Robin photos? Now let me explain how I noticed the differences. First off, I was just sitting out on the front deck with the camera on the tripod, and bored enough to point the camera at almost anything that moved without expecting anything more than relieving some boredom. Well, if you've ever taken bursts of 4 or 5 photos, you know how boring viewing multiple images that are ALMOST identical can be. So I am going through my boring repeat photos of the same boring birds in ALMOST the same positions and I noticed a subtle difference between two photos so I went back and forth between them and chuckled to myself when I went one photo further. I went back and forth between the three images a few times changing the pace slightly and chuckled enough that I had to put them together in an animated GIF. If you couldn't spot the differences between the three photos above, you'll get an idea of how I spotted the differences by watching this gif, which is just three images in a varied sequence. Disclaimer: This is intended to show how boring photos don't have to be boring. I probably would have made a similar gif if the Robin had turned it's head back and forth, but that wouldn't haven't been anywhere near as funny. Did you Spot the differences?
  18. Ever since the measurements were estimated by someone without measuring tools or experience?
  19. Well then, if there's roughly 40 species of birds, I don't need to look any farther than my own backyard to see them all. And here I thought that you had to travel the world to see many of the birds in the world. I'm glad I found that out before I wasted money on any birding trips. ?
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