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  1. 21 hours ago, Snake Fingers said:

    How do garbage disposals work?


    13 hours ago, Snake Fingers said:

    But seriously tho, how do they work?

    I suggest that you try that discussion on a Cat forum, Dog forum, Horse forum, Amphibian forum, or maybe on a Snake forum, and see how well it goes over there. Personally I think the question is inappropriate for a birding forum, and most members would know that without having to be told.

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  2. 46 minutes ago, IKLland said:

    @Kevin @aveschapinas, would one of you mind moving the post that @Quiscalus quisculaquoted above to the “Your Checklist of the Day” thread? Thanks!

    I suggest using the Report feature for requests like that, I believe it would make it a lot easier for @Kevin and/or @aveschapinas to find the right post. There's an option for 'Moderator assistance request', which I suspect was created just for situations like these.

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  3. The temps here haven't been too bad, -10C, but the wind chill has been making it feel like -25C. The snow has been coming down pretty steady but it's impossible to tell how much we've gotten. The snow has been blowing across the fields and yard so much that when I look out the front door I still see the grass in the front yard.



    That's when the wind dies down enough that I can actually see the yard.



    When I look out the back window though, I see a snow drift that looks to be 3 feet high, if not more. 


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  4. 38 minutes ago, Kevin said:

    In other news, I have been really sick all last week, still have some symptoms, but am feeling so much better today! 

    You're not alone on that one. While I feel better, I am a long way from feeling good. Let's hope it keeps getting better. 🤞


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