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  1. Be careful of comparing 25x zoom on one camera to 25x zoom on a different camera, @Charlie Spencer. If one starts out with a 10mm lens and the other starts out with a 20mm lens, your 25x zoom will be 250mm and 500mm. When comparing lens magnification, it's best to compare the 25mm equivalent. As my example points out, 25x zoom can be significantly different from one camera to another.
  2. Do you use the digital zoom on your camera, @Charlie Spencer? If not you may want to give it a try. I don't usually recommend using the digital zoom on point and shoot cameras because I always thought it just digitally cropped the image in the camera where you have less control and poorer results than doing the cropping on the computer in post processing, but that might be ideal for you. The image quality might drop in the digital zoom range but it might also help fill the frame with your subject which might actually help the camera get a better exposure metering. Remember, the more you can fi
  3. Canon's 100-400 mark 2 is a really nice lens, one that I regret having sold. It is compatible with your T5 and will definitely give you better photos, but it comes with a hefty price tag. The 400 f/5.6 is also a good birding lens in the canon line up, one that I used for years and years. Have you considered looking at used lenses? Keh.com has a wide selection of used camera gear and although I've never used them, I have heard them mentioned often as reputable source for used camera gear.
  4. Rentals are available online, here's two links to check out. Both websites rent point and shoot superzooms, as well as DSLRs and lenses. https://www.borrowlenses.com/ https://www.lensrentals.com
  5. This review of the P950 actually has a side by side comparison chart with the SX70 and the P1000. If you're not familiar with DPReview, it's a great site for researching and comparing just about any camera and lens on the market. https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikon-coolpix-p950-review
  6. Avery is the winner and gets to post the next photo.
  7. Just to be clear, or confuse matters more, DSLRs are superior cameras, they're easier to operate, their autofocus is better and manual focus is easier, there is no shutter lag, burst shooting is faster with less buffering, bird in flight shots are easier, etc, etc, Without a doubt, DSLRs are less frustrating to work with and will typically produce better images. I would recommend a DSLR with a quality long lens over a superzoom, if you're interested in using your photos for more than just ID purposes, and you don't mind the added cost and weight that goes with buying a DSLR and long enough len
  8. My tripod handles the 10lbs quite nicely, for birds that come to me....did I mention that I still use the P900?
  9. I have a Canon 300mm F/2.8 on a full frame 5Diii camera that weighs about 10lbs....It takes stunning photos and I am quite happy with it, but ... did I mention that I also still use my P900? 😉
  10. I still use my Nikon P900 and while it does have it's limitations and won't produce the same quality of image as a DSLR with a long quality lens, I'd highly recommend it for a birding camera, especially in Bird Watching mode. It is fairly quick to auto focus but like any camera, it slows down as the light drops. Manual focus is terribly slow making it virtually useless, or I don't understand how it's suppose to work which makes it useless. I just don't use manual focus, or manual exposure, with the P900. With the 2000mm optical zoom it's pretty easy to fill the frame with the bird which allows
  11. Okay, here's an oldie. We'll go 48 hours(approx) and then pick a winner. Caption this...
  12. I vote to wait for the original deadline.
  13. Megapixels are nice to have lots of, but the more megapixel you squeeze into a sensor, the smaller the pixels get and the less detail they can collect. Because point and shoot cameras have very small sensors, the pixels are smaller and crammed together and image quality reflects that. DSLRs have bigger sensors with larger pixels and collect more detail than point and shoot cameras and typically produce better images. The same applies to full frame cameras, their sensors are even bigger and allow for bigger pixels which collect even more detail and produce even better images..
  14. You may want to consider a variety of feeders as opposed to one specific feeder since different types of feeders are designed to attract different types of birds. Platform feeders are better for larger birds like jays and cardinals while feeders with small perches will deter the bigger birds and allow the smaller birds less competition for food. Suet feeders will attract the woodpeckers better than other feeders, finch feeders are popular with finches, etc, etc. The wider variety of feeders and water attractions you have, the wider variety of birds you'll attract. Just my spin on backyard feed
  15. Whoa...I hope that rear firing weapon isn't loaded.
  16. After 5 years of living at our old place, this is what I woke up to the first morning after moving to our new home. The Grand River is right across the road, making this place look like it's going to be an even better birding spot than the old place.
  17. I read somewhere that "Birds Don't Need Wings", is this proof enough? (Where's the fact checkers when you need them? ) 3S0A1099 by Glen Mercer, on Flickr
  18. Northern Harrier 3S0A2366 by Glen Mercer, on Flickr
  19. While unloading bird feeders at our new home yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching a pair of Northern Harriers as they hunted the fields surrounding the house. 3S0A2371 by Glen Mercer, on Flickr
  20. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/266528711/ Have you tried opening the photo in question, copying the url, and then pasting it directly into the message box? That's what I just did. *hoping that it works* Edit: well that didn't work the way I thought it would...never mind me, I obviously don't know what I'm doing.
  21. Unfortunately, photos are compressed when uploaded to whatbird. Posting through a third party site like Flickr, Imgur, etc., allows the viewer to click to the original photo where they'll be able to see the uncompressed version.
  22. I'm just going to keep playing. Remember, there's no rules, not even about playing hands in sequence. 😉 A pair of feeding finches beats my earlier pair of goldfinches.
  23. A pair of birds with wings darker than their body beats a pair of splashing birds. 3S0A8605 by Glen Mercer, on Flickr
  24. A pair of splashing birds beats a pair of goldfinches.
  25. I'll start with a pair of American Goldfinches.
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