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  1. I think the bird is stained. The fact that the feet and legs are colored makes me think it's not a plumage issue.
  2. After many failed attempts, I finally got an entire sequence of shots of the Red-bellied Woodpeckers going to the feeder where the entire bird was in the frame for every shot, with the exception of the last shot where the tail is slightly out of the frame. Far better than other sequences where I'm lucky to get one or two shots before losing the bird and ending up with a lot of background photos. I need to work on keeping the camera level while trying to keep the bird in the frame, too.
  3. I'll take the fifth. Although my account is probably still active, I haven't used Facebook in many years.
  4. Good point. I got caught up on the shape of the silhouette and forgot to look at the details that were visible. Duh.
  5. Hard to pick a best of the day out of yesterday's 500+ photos but this one is definitely a candidate.
  6. This one really burns my @$$ butt. Lighting, focus, exposure, and background are all ideal, even the motion blur on the wingtips adds to the image, in my opinion. I just couldn't catch up with my tracking to get the whole bird in the frame. I got lots of decent shots over the past few days of these guys going to and from the feeder, but none of them compared to the potential of this one. GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!
  7. I spent the first part of the week trying to do just that. Wasted too much time on them already trying to get a better photo, so this is as good as it gets for me.
  8. I can't offer any advice on binoculars except to say that the lifetime warranty of some manufacturers would be a big influence on my decision.
  9. I have had the wind blow the head feathers of Red-tailed Hawks open(for lack of a better word), exposing the white base of the feathers which makes the back of the head look almost totally white. That might explain the confusion you had about the white on the head in your photo.
  10. BRDL 122 ???? ???? ????
  11. BRDL 121 ???? ???? ????
  12. I am confused, yeah, yeah, it happens easily at times. There are too many references to "this" photo for me to figure out which comment is supposed to go with which photo. Personally, I like the lighting, and pose, better in the photo posted by @dragon49 than the linked photo you posted. Is that what you were trying to say, or do you prefer the lighting of the linked photo better? Like I said, I'm confused here.
  13. 22 inches is a pretty big wingspan, @Dave O. I'm not sure about their wings being falcon shaped, but a Ruffed Grouse sort of fits your description. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Ruffed_Grouse/id
  14. BRDL 120 ???? ???? ???? ????
  15. BRDL 119 ???? ???? ???? ???? ????
  16. BRDL 118 ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????
  17. I think it's going to be a tough week for J's. Buteo jamaicensis
  18. The Red-bellied Woodpeckers have provided me lots of entertainment, and opportunities to practice my tracking skills as they fly back and forth to and from the feeders. During this one sequence of shots the Red-bellied flew low in front of all the equipment you see that the camera could have focused on, but the eye detect focus stayed locked on the bird throughout the entire sequence. It's not really a photo worth sharing, but at the same time it's one of those photos that shows the potential of the eye detection tracking of the R6, and I thought that was worth sharing. Straight out of the camera full sized jpg. The above photo would have been very frustrating if I hadn't captured these images in the two previous frame.
  19. BRDL 117 ???? ???? ???? ????
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