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  1. To use your previous library reference, I am thinking that uploading a photo to eBird is like putting a book/photo on the shelf in a library/eBird, but the librarian/eBird hasn't entered the info into the catalog yet. The book/photo is available to anyone who knows what shelf it's on, but that information isn't public knowledge so it's basically hidden, except for those who know where to look or those who are told where to look.
  2. It may be a timing thing, but I can see both Egyptian Goose images from the checklist, and the Cap May Warbler which has three ratings so far.
  3. I don't use eBird so I am just grasping at straws here, but I wonder if unconfirmed bird photos can be shared and rated by simply sharing a link to the photo before confirmation is made. The photo might not show up in eBird until confirmation but a link directly to an unconfirmed bird photo would still take you to that photo, wouldn't it? I'm not sure if the rating option would be there, but the link should still work, I think. Just tossing out ideas with nothing more than my imagination to base them on.
  4. I had the last two letters after the third guess but couldn't figure it, again. That's three misses in a row for me. ?
  5. I played late last night and once again I had the second and last letter but couldn't put it together. I did manage to get it on the first guess this morning though. ?
  6. Easiest E bird to find since it's the most recent photo I've taken. Eastern Bluebird.
  7. I'm certain there is a screw loose, but I'm also certain that the loose screw has nothing to do with the camera, except for holding it. ?
  8. Yes, the eye detection for animals works on birds too.
  9. I probably haven't done as much online research as you have, but the R6 that I have right here in front of me only has eye detection for Animals and People. I suspect it's one of the many differences the two cameras have that is strictly a firmware difference.
  10. The R6 doesn't have the specific 'birds' eye detection that the R5 has, I am limited to animal or people eye detect, which works great in the right situations but it isn't idiot proof, as this idiot has proven, but only once was I disappointed in it. I'm still figuring out which settings I like and configuring the camera to best suit my needs, so there's still a lot of trying this and that ahead. Definitely going to take a while to learn just how powerful this new tool can be.
  11. Canon's mirrorless R6 with the RF 100-500mm lens. Being half the weight, or less, of my 5Diii with the 300 f/2.8 and 1.4x extender, I plan to be a lot more mobile with my photography this spring. The 300mm f/2.8 version 1 is a beautiful piece of glass, but boy is it heavy.
  12. Buffleheads can be hard to get a decent photo of in direct sunlight without blowing the highlights, especially when working with a new camera you're still getting the feel of. Hmmm, I can't think of anything else to blame on this one, obviously the overexposure isn't the fault of the photographer, so it must be a combination of the other factors. ?‍♂️
  13. I had fun watching the Buffleheads early one morning this week as they scurried across the water from one spot to another.
  14. I had the second letter in place on my fourth guess and figured out the last letter on my fifth guess. I could only find two options in the banding code list that fit my second and last letter and I picked the wrong one. ☹️
  15. I got the first letter on my fourth guess but drew a complete blank until I checked the iBird list and then it was, DUH!!! BRDL 80 ???? ???? ???? ???? ????
  16. I've learned to never dismiss a Turkey Vulture as a Turkey Vulture until I've proven to myself that it is a Turkey Vulture. I've had enough distant Turkey Vultures turn into Bald Eagles in the past that they all get closer scrutiny now.
  17. I got out early this morning and was on the river's edge just after sunrise. I haven't gone through all my photos, and the day's not over yet, but I think this is going to be the one to beat if I want a better photo of the day.
  18. Depends on who you ask. Many folks here in Ontario consider the Mosquito to be our Provincial Bird. ?
  19. If you're talking about the number of layers of bug spray I am going to need for protection, you're probably right. ?
  20. The cloud part is similar, and they moved very much like the birds in your video, but that's where the similarity ends. Here's a closer shot of my flock. Again, clicking the image a few times shows more detail.
  21. Does anyone want to take a stab at counting this flock, strictly for entertainment purposes, of course. Clicking the photo a few times will enlarge it in Flickr for anyone curious enough to look.
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