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  1. This grackle fight from a few years ago was one of the most intense fights I have ever seen. While they both flew away afterwards, I wasn't so sure that was going to be the outcome.
  2. That's it. I got the curved bill and fanned tail directly from iBird's description but I thought the "startling bird" comment might be the most helpful clue, was it?
  3. Nope, not a thrasher, although the description could have fit any one of them.
  4. Just don't turn it back on after you turn it off. I'm just being a silly, I know not what I talk about.
  5. Mostly brown bird, bigger than a Blue Jay, fan shaped tail, with a curved bill. A very startling bird.
  6. I'm not sure how many members in these forums can offer help with the iBird apps. I suggest using the Contact Us link from the iBird website and send a direct request for help from there. Hopefully that will help since there seems to be little support available from this website.
  7. I'm having a hard time interpreting "medium sized bird" so this guess could be WAY off. Black-crowned Night Heron is kind of a medium sized bird if Great Blue Heron is large and sandpipers are considered small. Black-crowned Night Heron could also be considered a sort of large bird, which would make my guess WAY off. Like they say, size is hard to judge sometimes. Black-crowned Night Heron???
  8. I'll bet that you are to blame for the feeder being empty, aren't you?
  9. This one was a too close mistake on my part back in 2009. I was walking the edge of a roadside picnic site looking for something to photograph when I heard birds making a commotion and sounding alarm calls. This piqued my curiosity so I wandered towards the sound to see if I could figure out what the commotion was all about. Well, it turns out that I was the cause of the commotion, or at minimum, added to the commotion. I was unknowingly getting closer and closer to this Yellow Warbler fledgling that ignored mom and dad's warning calls while I was misinterpreting them.
  10. Are you saying @The Bird Nuts is a poor artist?...or....
  11. There was more than one oddball in this flock of Canada Geese. Gives a new meaning to, landing gear up.
  12. All I have to do is move a little bit and the nice sharp photo of the branch is ruined.
  13. Welcome to WhatBird, @Lisa NJ. Eastern Towhee was my first thought too. The example in the linked photo might match the orange breast and wing bar you referred to. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/275903281
  14. Nice photos @BigOly, but the bird of the week is Common Yellowthroat.
  15. I only see one advantage to a separate Gull sub-forum, I wouldn't have to wade through all the gull IDs that I have no interest in. Nothing against gulls, it's just that I seldom see them and have no interest in learning the subtle differences for the odd time I do see them.
  16. I have better shots of Common Yellowthroats, but I always liked this shot of a male feeding it's adopted, and much larger Brown Cowbird.
  17. Aw shucks, all this attention is embarrassing.
  18. What's Facebook? Is that a typo that was supposed to be Facebird? Typo or not, I'm not interested in websites with names that suggest getting in your Face.
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