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  1. BRDL 276 ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????
  2. birdie ? #159: ???⬛⬛⬛ https://birdiegame.net/
  3. We'll probably never know whether that was an honest typo, which is quite possible since the 'w' is right above the 's', or if auto correct picked one of the more frequently used words in its repertoire?
  4. I have a few more questions about the photo competition. First off, is there a reason we're posting our photo entries privately instead of posting them here publicly? I thought it might be a method to keep the judges from knowing who the photographers are so the judges can't be influenced by a name, but the third-party hosting sites could reveal the photographer's identities when the link is shared with the judges. So, is there reason for the PMing of photos besides the possibly flawed anonymity idea I mentioned? Secondly, will all entries be shared publicly after the judges have made their decisions? In other words, we still get to see ALL the great photos when it's over, not just the winners, right?
  5. BRDL 275 ???? ???? ???? ???? ????
  6. birdie ? #158: ??⬛⬛⬛⬛ https://birdiegame.net/
  7. Hmmm....I might have to go on a diet if I'm that heavy on my landings.
  8. The first, third, and last are Tanagers. The ones clinging to the thin vertical branch are all Orioles. Note the difference in bill size/shape.
  9. BRDL 274 ???? ???? ???? ????
  10. birdie ? #157: ???⬛⬛⬛ https://birdiegame.net/
  11. Does it matter how the entries are sent to you in our PMs, @Kevin? Can we use third party hosting sites like Flickr and/or Macaulay to share our entries with you, or do we need to attach our photos directly in our PM to you?
  12. birdie ? #156: ?????⬛ https://birdiegame.net/
  13. Have you had many submissions yet @Kevin? *subtle bump type question* I suspect many will wait until the end of the month just incase they can get a great photo on the 31st.
  14. Are you referring to the Cypress Swamp Boardwalk or Whatbird Forums? ??
  15. That's just as tough a photo to work with but it gives me an Eastern Bluebird kind of feel. I might think differently once I see it on the computer but I'm limited to my phone right now so I reserve the right to blame my phone if I'm way off on my guess.
  16. Welcome to Whatbird, @mike mountian. If it looks like an oddly plumage Cardinal, that might be exactly what it is. Just speculating of course. If the bird is recurring, try to get a photo as that will help a lot, even a poor cell phone photo can be helpful if that's all you have to work with. Without a photo we can speculate on your new visitor, but a photo will greatly increase the chances of getting a definitive ID.
  17. I can't really tell much from that first photo and wonder if the original photo, without the photoshopping, might be worth looking at.
  18. That was probably the toughest first letter I've ever gotten. BRDL 272 ???? ???? ???? ???? ????
  19. birdie ? #155: ??⬛⬛⬛⬛ https://birdiegame.net/
  20. Did anyone else guess >Barn Swallow< on their first guess? @Charlie Spencer?
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