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  1. Caption this poor photo, and let me just set things straight right off the bat, "Poor Photo" is not an acceptable caption.
  2. I'm not sure there is such a thing as enough reach. My P900 has 2000mm at maximum zoom and I still end up using the digital zoom to boost it up to as much as 8000mm at times. My current DSLR set up is much shorter in focal range than I'd like and I do find myself yearning for a longer lens on a crop body camera like I used to have. What I have now can take some great photos but I am often pushing it beyond it's focal reach and then trying to salvage an extremely cropped photo. So that'd be a big NO, 420mm is not enough reach for me, but I have the P900 as a long lens alternative for now.
  3. I'm sure I look goofy being stooped over or crawling on my knees while I am grabbing a handful of dirt and inspecting it for hidden treasures. I hope that I might peak the curiosity of the nearby wildlife without going to the extent that the stoat/ermine/short-tailed weasel does when it tries to get closer to it's target. If I start rolling on the ground and start flopping around, it won't be to attract the attention of anything but the paramedics.
  4. Looks like it's fast food delivery for dinner tonight.
  5. Stalking birds just doesn't work for me. If I try to be stealthy and sneak closer to a bird, they seem to sense that they're being stalked and jump into alert mode and fly off at the slightest of movement. I have better luck making my presence known in a non threatening manner and slowly work myself closer to the bird while trying to be obvious that my interest is elsewhere. I will bend over and dig in the grass/dirt for a bit and then look around nervously, while avoiding eye contact, and then move to a new patch of grass/dirt to dig in. I'm not sure if my theory stands up to scrutiny, but I think that acting like a gatherer makes me look less like a hunter and therefore less likely to spook wildlife. If I come in like a hunter, the wildlife acts accordingly and hides.
  6. Look buddy, as impressive as your display is, it might work better if you tried it on the females, I'm not interested.
  7. Old shot of a Mourning Dove waving at the camera.
  8. If I can just get my beak in far enough I'll look like a different species and really confuse those birders.
  9. Shouldn't we have raised the landing gear by now? I'm pretty sure the Blue Angels don't fly this high with their landing gear down.
  10. Yeah, the image quality can take a severe hit when uploading directly to Whatbird, size limits can compress the image and quite often ruin the photo. Posting from third party sites, like Flickr, doesn't compress the image because it's hosted elsewhere. While there is no link showing in the method that I use, clicking on my photo will take you directly to the photo on Flickr. Sorry I couldn't help more.
  11. Hmm, when I click the share tab after clicking the share icon, I get a link like this, minus the quotes "..."https://flic.kr/p/xpQ7gB" ...and it shows in the post as an image, not a link. I'm not sure why your link is different than mine or why it doesn't show in your post.
  12. When you have the image open in Flickr click on the share icon to the lower right of the image. A window opens up with three tabs, click the Share tab and then copy and paste the link directly into your post here. You don't need to use the Embed or BBCode tabs, just copy the Share link and paste it in your message. Hope that helps.
  13. "Someone" doesn't know what they're talking about. If gulls were the only ones pooping on cars, the car washes would lose a lot of business.
  14. Clicking the photo took me to the Flickr link where I could see that it's labeled as Ferruginous Pygmy Owl.
  15. I don't think the Bankers up here are licensed to do that. ?
  16. Hey guys, it's another birder with a camera. Take cover quick before he can focus on the rest of you.
  17. I'm not sure what name to use, @Charlie Spencer, but I'm considering using a fire extinguisher as a profile pic thinking I might need the protection. *ducks for cover behind the fire extinguisher* ? On a serious note, Happiest of Birthday Wishes, @Aveschapines. ?
  18. Be careful with @Aveschapines candles, @Seanbirds, with that many candles you don't want the overworked firefighters thinking that there's another wildfire starting up. *ducks for cover*
  19. The Great Blue Heron's dancing skills weren't enough to keep the audience interested in remaining for the entire performance.
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