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  1. Instead of posting Indigo Bunting photos all week (which is the only I bird I have photos of), I decided to start the week off with something a little more creative. Interesting Interaction
  2. BRDL 110 ???? ???? ???? ????
  3. Female Rose-breasted Grosbeak munching down on some sunflower seeds.
  4. That guy on the other side of my mirror is hard to figure out. Sometimes he's my best friend and other times he's my worst enemy. Sometimes he'll pat me on the back and make feel good about myself and other times he'll knock me down harder than my worst critics. He's always honest with me though, and because of that, it's his respect that I strive to achieve the most.
  5. BRDL 109 ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????
  6. You can expect a lot more playing around before you settle on which customized settings you prefer. I'm still fiddling around and learning new ways of doing different things on the R6. You have even more options than I do so allow yourself lots of time to get well acquainted with your new toy.
  7. What's the post processing time for 2191 RAW photos and videos? Is there a slight delay loading each 45MP photo in your viewer, or major delays?
  8. I had the same problem with the last letter being more popular than I could visualize without a list. BRDL 108 ???? ???? ???? ???? ????
  9. Might I suggest that you embed the photo you are referring to in the future. No offense, but I have no desire to view your, or anyone else's, entire eBird checklist to find a photo used as a reference here. If there is some reason that embedding the relevant photo isn't possible, a link directly to the image would be better than a link to a checklist full of photos. While I can appreciate that you, and others, may wish to get as many eyes on your checklists as possible in the hopes of getting more ratings on your photos, I hope that you, and others, can appreciate that checklist links when referencing one photo are not what I'd call viewer friendly. ?
  10. If you're taking 500 shots without using high speed burst mode, you're going to have thousands of images to sift through after you turn burst mode on. Don't say you weren't warned. ? You can find the drive modes by opening the Q menu. One dial will scroll up and down on the various options, and one of the other dials will scroll across the possible settings for each option on the bottom.
  11. Another tidbit of information regarding Point Pelee, it is Canada's most southern point and is actually further south than northern California. Useless info but I find it interesting all the same.
  12. Definitely the BEST place I have ever birded. We'll worth the visit, especially if you're camping in one of the many nearby parks. Being on site as soon as you open your eyes is always a good way to start a day of birding. ?
  13. BRDL 107 ???? ???? ???? ???? ????
  14. BRDL 106 ???? ???? ????
  15. Female birds will quite often look different than male birds. Most field guides, including iBird, use male birds as the dominant examples, so identifying females birds isn't always obvious.
  16. BRDL 105 ???? ???? ???? ???? ????
  17. Welcome to Whatbird, @ZenRider. I agree with the female Brown-headed Cowbird ID. Be sure to check out the North American ID forum for any future ID requests, it typically gets more attention than any of the other forums. ?
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