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  1. Hmmm, if someone wanted to make themselves look good all they have to do is reload the page and play again, something that Wordle doesn't allow. Look how good I did today. ? BRDL 5 ????
  2. Yes, you start by entering a random banding code into the first line. The letters are colour coded after you hit enter to indicate which letters are right, wrong, and close. Deductive skills are used to determine which letters belong, and where they belong, and then that knowledge can be applied to subsequent guesses. Learning which letters are not in the code can be just as helpful as learning which letters are in the code so don't get discouraged if your first or second guess doesn't reveal anything useful.
  3. I'm not a big fan of, or knowledgeable about, banding codes, but I do like Wordle games so I gave BRDL a try. BRDL 5 ???? ???? ???? ????
  4. A new tactic to defend against spankings. Last call for captions, I'll pick a winner tomorrow.
  5. The signature specifies ABA life list numbers. I don't think the Yellow-billed Blue-Magpie counts for the ABA list. ?
  6. I am pretty sure that @Kevin or @Aveschapines would fix the date for you if you asked nicely. I agree that the time travelling typo made for some fun but I think accuracy on the date of the sighting should trump the fun, especially when questioning the age of birds. That's just my thoughts but it's not my post. It's your post @Ken Nielsen, although you can't edit it, you can ask a Mod to help and do it for you, but you need to ask. ?
  7. This is how some others have been embedding their images from ebird.
  8. Okay, you asked for it. I think there's enough individual variation with Dark-eyed Juncos, and many other birds, that the only way to be sure of any questionable subspecies is with DNA samples. Trying to figure out if a bird fits neatly into xxxxxxxxxxyz or xxxxxxxxxzy subspecies from photos might be entertaining, but I don't think it can be anywhere near conclusive. I also don't think birds can be identified strictly by range either, which makes me think that those questionable subspecies are virtually impossible to ID conclusively. Just my opinion.
  9. Oops, I totally forgot about this. Let's see what I can find.
  10. I once watched a Red-tailed Hawk skewer a cottontail rabbit on a barbed-wire fence. Unlike the shrikes, the hawk didn't return for the meal. This happened totally by accident when the hawk didn't have enough lift to get the rabbit over the fence in time. The hawk was clearly carrying it's maximum limit, or close to it, and only had enough runway to get itself over the fence. It might have gotten away with the rabbit bouncing over the fence if the barbs weren't there to snag it from the Red-tailed's grasp. Just speculating, of course, but I suppose the tree might have been similar to the fence and been an obstacle that a bigger bird of prey might not have cleared with it's prey. I could speculate a few dozen other scenarios too, so...
  11. I really wish I had access to a nice sandy beach right now. I'd build a sand sculpture that looked like the Pied Piper and wait for the gulls to poop on it a few times. Then I could take a photo of a, wait for it....a spotted-sand-piper. ?
  12. Same here, @Aidan B, I see 7 blank boxes where photos should have been.
  13. Both Dark-eyed Juncos and Eastern Phoebe should be in your area, @ccb. Dark-eyed Juncos have a lighter coloured bill than the Eastern Phoebes though so you can probably rule out Juncos because of the bill colour. There may be other options based on your description, but I can't come up with any but someone else might have another suggestion.
  14. I think a lot of us noticed that. Welcome back, @Seanbirds, just want to point out that you don't have to like ALL the posts you missed to let us know you're back next time. ?
  15. They have always waited when someone shows an interest in adding a new drawing. I'm sure they'll wait for your entry if you announce your intent and approximate time required.
  16. I understood the fo' part but I had to google 'shizzle'. Made for a totally different translation than Snoop-Dogg-ese.
  17. Do you have a protective filter attached to your lens, @BlueJay? I ask because of the way the texture (for lack of a better word) of the background looks. If you do have a lens filter attached, I'd suggest removing it and comparing some similarly composed photos with and without the filter. While I like the idea of an extra layer of protection on a lens, I have found that I don't like the effect the filter has on my images. If you don't have a lens filter attached, this won't apply to you but maybe others might consider whether a protective lens is worth it. I was always in favour of attaching a lens filter as soon as I bought a new lens, until I took the filter off and noticed the difference, particularly in the backgrounds. If you, or anyone else, has never used a lens without a filter attached to it, I'd suggest trying without a filter for comparison. I like your edit over the original and think you did a good job. I'd suggest cropping a little to make the bird stand out more though.
  18. I like the the manually adjusted edit. The AutoLevel has just a bit too much saturation(?) in my opinion. The manually adjusted edit might benefit from a just bit more contrast and/or saturation though. This comes from a guy that doesn't really know what to do when editing his own photos, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. On second thought, you might want to keep that salt for de-icing walkways and roadways.
  19. Is that the same "program" that left the "h" out of when? I suggest putting photos on a separate line from any text with a full blank line separating text from photo and/or photo from text. Trying to put photos and text on the same line can cause the "program" to put the photo right in the middle of the text sometimes. ?
  20. Welcome to WhatBird @Tanager 101. I'm one of the older ones that @PaulK so kindly referred to as "young at heart" (Some might say creepy old people ?) who occasionally gets drawn into the young birder's discussions. ?
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