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  1. I have been thinking about ways to easily transport my gear and the Pop-cart looks interesting but I'm not convinced the wheels are big enough to make it practical for off road terrain. On level ground it wouldn't be a problem but getting the cart to roll over rocks, roots, holes, etc., might be tricky with the small wheels. I have never used a cart in rough terrain but I know from personal experience with hand trucks/dollies, the bigger the wheels are the better it handles differences in terrain, including stairs. Hand trucks with small wheels need to be dragged up stairs, ones with bigger wheels can be rolled up the stairs. While you're not likely to be hauling your gear up stairs, bigger wheels should make it easier to maneuver on the rougher terrain just like they make maneuvering up and down stairs easier.
  2. I'm not convinced it's the cold killing them either. Up here in Ontario, we get Eastern Bluebirds year round and also get some pretty cold temps. If a couple of extremely cold nights was to cause their demise, I don't think we'd have them year round.
  3. Hmmm, I wonder what that nail was suppose to hold.
  4. How about, Bird Sex? With a, Difference in Plumage disclaimer, of course.
  5. Well that was weird, when I clicked the second link, the Sea otter page loaded. When I clicked it a second time, the Sea Otter page loaded and then a River Otter pop-up photo appeared that I didn't see the first time. I'm not sure if it's me, my computer, or this website, but some weird things have been going on lately.
  6. Both your links take me to the same Sea Otter page on Wikipedia.
  7. You might try suggesting that your granddaughter incorporate birds into her artwork. Who knows, maybe you can talk her into being your in the field artist and get her to sketch/draw/paint/etc the birds you're observing.
  8. Ouch. I'd be worried about being stepped on with that huge foot while it's holding me by the wing. I'm going to guess that there were a few feathers flying after this encounter.
  9. That's the way I had always viewed this thread, too. While I totally understand the urge to post more than one "best" photo of the day, I can't help but think that my second best photo of the day doesn't really belong here. Having said that, it doesn't really matter to me when viewing other people's photos, but it does matter when posting my own "best" of the day. Just sharing my thoughts.
  10. I call it the peg leg goose. This photo should answer your question about it's legs.
  11. I actually got out with the camera for a few minutes this morning. I wasn't out for long though. Brrrrrrr
  12. I never did like the expression, talk to the hand, so...
  13. Can you help us out with the division of NA, is that north and south halves or east and west halves?
  14. Take your time while birding so that you can enjoy the other wildlife around you, too. Nature is a wonderful thing and it's beauty goes way beyond the birds we watch.
  15. I suggest contacting iBird directly through this link. https://help.ibird.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  16. I apologize @Jefferson Shank for the lost quality during upload to Whatbird. Your original photo isn't compressed on the Macaulay website the way it is when I uploaded it here on Whatbird. This edit was quick and easy. I selected the Healing tool and reduced the selection size so that it was just slightly bigger than each section I wanted to remove. I used the Healing tool 5-6 times in small sections to remove the branch and a few other quick clicks to touch up a few finer details that didn't heal quite right.
  17. With @Jefferson Shank's permission. Before After
  18. Wow, that was fast, and I thought it was going to be tricky. Well done, @HamRHead, your turn.
  19. Okay, try this one, more hints to follow if required. Dagger like bill, short tail, red on head.
  20. Accept that you'll make some bad ID's, and misjudging size will be the cause of some of them. Don't rush from one bird to the next just to get a higher volume of birds on your list. Enjoy the quality of birding as much as the quantity of birds.
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