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  1. It might be easier to ask @Kevin to change the text to match the way the images are currently organized. If you typed out new text then all Kevin would have to do is cut and paste the text into place. Just trying to keep things simple but it may prove to be more complicated than that.
  2. From what I have read in this thread, it feels like you expect too much from your reviewer...especially if you're expecting them to walk on water. ? The "Job" standards that you're expecting might just be a little different than the reviewer's standards for his or her "Hobby". Just saying.
  3. I think you did just fine. The crop works for me, although other crops might work just as well if the bird was slightly higher in the frame. The colours look okay to me, although moving a few sliders this way or that way might give it a bit more punch. It might benefit from a little bit of sharpening but whatbird degrades image quality so don't expect your photos to look as good on here as they do in your photo editor. I used the word "might" because I am very much like you and don't really know what a photo needs just by looking at it. Yeah I can tell when a photo is over/under exposed or when the focus is off, but when it comes to making a photo look better, it's trial and error for me. I usually try the auto adjust feature first and see if it makes the photo better or worse and then play with the sliders a bit to see if the new adjustments look better or worse. While others may have a more rigid workflow and know what they are aiming for right from the start, my editing steps are usually based on trying this or that adjustment and seeing if I think it is better than it was. Quite often I don't notice a difference so I reset the slider back to zero and try a different slider. The only real way to know what, and how much, to edit a photo is to start editing and ask yourself if you like the results. Over time you'll get to know how the adjustments affect your photos, but you'll still need to play around with the sliders and decide if you like the results. Admittedly, it's not easy to make that decision at times but you'll eventually come to the conclusion that you can't improve the photo anymore, and that's when you save it or revert back to the original depending on your decision. Photo editing is subjective, some people may like or dislike your edits, they are not the ones you need to please though, please yourself with your photos and edit them, or not, to your liking. If you want to avoid some post editing, you may want to play around with your camera's built in picture settings and/or the contrast and saturation type adjustments. A one time adjustment or two in the camera can add some punch to your photos and save some editing time later. Just saying that the JPGs that the camera produces can be tweaked (edited) before the photo is actually taken.
  4. Click on your name in the top right of the window. Click on Account Settings. Click on Signatures from the options on the left. Add/Edit your signature. Click save.
  5. The more you know about your camera, the more you can do with it. As annoying as it is, reading, and re-reading the manual now and then isn't a bad idea. Manuals might be overwhelming when you first get your camera, but if read them again after using the camera for a while, a lot more stuff sinks in and makes sense.
  6. You'd get more depth of field using a smaller aperture (larger F/#).
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tent_caterpillar
  8. I see it the same as Kevin does. Here's my rough outline of how I think the three cats are arranged.
  9. I only see three, care to explain where you think the 4th bobcat is.
  10. I think it means the same as sleeping. ?
  11. I tried to tell you that this was the wrong parking lot but you wouldn't listen to me, as usual.
  12. One small step for man, one giant leap for duckling.
  13. It looks like the bird has a broken ankle. If I'm not mistaken, you can see a couple of upturned toes if the first photo, and the injury seems obvious in the in-flight photos. Did you notice the bird appearing handicapped because of the injury, @cccougar?
  14. Welcome to Whatbird @Dennis. I love watching the birds of prey when they're hunting the yard. They usually leave empty handed but the commotion they cause is quite entertaining.
  15. If I had known I was going to be posing for photos, I never would have passed up that free manicure.
  16. If you're not ready to pick a winner yet, the bump might get a few more captions until you are ready. Hope everyone gets well soon.
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