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  1. I should have added that the date joined is visible along with the post and reputation count, but there is no info on last visited or if they're currently viewing anything.
  2. I have been dealing with an annoying glitch for a few months now. When using the "next unread topic" button on the bottom of the page it often takes me to the bottom of the next thread where I have to scroll up to find the first new post. It's not a major issue, usually I only have to scroll up one or two post or sometimes just half a post, but on occasion it will take me to the bottom of a brand new thread and there may be 5 - 10 posts to scroll up to get to the first unread post. I have tried rebooting my computer and browser to see if the glitch is on my end with no changes. Has anyone else had similar issues using the next unread feature? On another note, when holding the mouse over a member's name it usually shows details like post count, when they joined, when they last visited, and their reputation count. This applies to ALL members names with the exception of one name. I am wondering if there's something this member has done to prevent anyone from seeing their recent activity or if there is a glitch with the membership that they may not even be aware of. So, I am curious if there's a problem somewhere with the membership or am I unaware of settings to hide that info. Any thoughts?
  3. Everyone tries to be a comedian. Some do it better than others. I'm not saying that you should "duck", but, I have seen some pretty "fowl" fruits and vegetables recently.
  4. A little late but a good one, @PaulK. I had anticipated a few captions but I never even thought of the "Birds And The Bees" possibilities.
  5. Hey, look at that, part of the tree is the same colour as me.
  6. EXCELLENT paintings, @The Bird Nuts and @HamRHead. There's been a lot of great art in this thread, but those two cedar waxwing paintings are my favourite pieces of work so far. I don't offer verbal praise very often, but these two paintings deserve more than just a click of the like button. My compliments to you both on such fine artwork.
  7. The very first post made me chuckle the most. I can relate to it, too. I don't like bugs in my food either, so it's @Avery's turn.
  8. The mere humans seeking help with an ID probably don't find a list of scientific names all that helpful, and using scientific names certainly isn't a sign of strength. ?
  9. I don't think the bad news is all that bad, RobinHood. I think the definition of yellow is suspect here. The bird's eye looks brown to me but when compared to the darker eye of the female in the link @Avery posted, I might say the eye is a bright brown, maybe go as far as saying there's a hint of yellow if I was pushed. It's not a colour that I would call yellow if I saw it anywhere else though. I don't think you need to worry about changing your current eyewear just yet. ?
  10. Thanks @Bird Brain. Okay, let's see some captions for this one.
  11. Maybe the crow was trying to scare the squirrels away, or stand it's ground with a dramatic display to prevent the squirrels from trying to scare the crow away.
  12. You may want to find a different method of sharing your photos, @IKLland. While I will click on a link once in a while to see a photo, it's not something I do for every link posted. If all your photos are on the other end of a link that I'm not going to click on, then I won't be seeing any of your photos. I suspect that I am not the only one who isn't clicking on your links, many members have previously expressed their reluctance to click on links. There are many methods to load photos so they're visible in the forum, if you want more people to see your photos, I suggest you post more than just a link that many people will ignore without even giving it a second thought.
  13. Sorry, I'm having trouble uploading the images without them being compressed to the point of being useless as examples. I don't have enough time to figure out a workaround right now but I might upload them to dropbox later so I can provide examples of what I tried to explain above.
  14. When I want to reduce file size I simply use the Export feature of the software I'm using at the time. I can either choose to reduce the image size or reduce the quality to get smaller file sizes. Reducing the file size to 1600 pixels during export really shrinks the file size, in my case it takes my 15.5MB file and reduces it to 831KB. Changing the Quality setting to normal during export maintains the image size but reduces the same 15.5MB file to a 4.2MB file. Shrinking the image size gives you the smaller file size but you can lose the quality you might want/need if you have to zoom in on something to see the detail. Take this misty morning photo as an example, the 1600 pixel image should show fine for a scenic image but it would fail if the numbers on the sign were a bird. The larger image allows you to zoom in and see the detail on the sign, very helpful if you're capturing a small distant bird and not a sunset. Try zooming in on the sign in both pics and you'll see an example where size matters. Resized to 1600 pixels during Export, 183KB See next post for images. 5760 pixels, Quality reduced to normal during Export, 4.2MB See next post for images. I'd suggest that you set your camera's quality setting down from extra fine to fine, or possibly normal, and maintain your current image size. That should conserve sufficient image quality while allowing for zooming in when necessary and still reduce your file size low enough to meet the requirements you're aiming for. Alternatively, you might find it just as practical to lower your image size in the camera until you meet your desired file size. It's a personal preference that you may need to play around with to find the best compromise for your wants/needs.
  15. I suggest trying a kleenex the next time you sneeze.
  16. Yeah, I'm still pissed at the typo in my name. I told him my name was Foot, not Coot.
  17. I feel like the most boring thing any of us read on this site, is a quoted "agreed", especially when reading it in thread after thread, after thread, after thread.... ? I know, I know, "Agreed" has it's place, but that doesn't make it any less boring to read. ?
  18. My gut reaction was Blue Jay but my under tail ID skills suck so don't laugh if I am way off.
  19. Welcome to WhatBird,@Kelly. You should be able to drag and drop your photo into the message box and have the photo show up for everyone to view. It may take a few minutes to upload so be patient.
  20. Okay, it's been over 48 hours so I'm picking @Kevin for the winner. Lots of good captions to choose from but I like Kevin's best.
  21. It definitely has a devilish look with those tufted horns.
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