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  1. Dragonflies making more dragonflies.
  2. A wasp making a ball out of some spilled sugar.
  3. Like I said previously, I have lots of bug photos. Most of them are just classified as bugs because I either didn't research the ID or can't remember the ID if I did research it.
  4. A tiger moth, I believe. Looks like a caped crusader to me. ?
  5. Here's a link to a free online book about digital bird photography, written by one of Whatbird's members. https://digitalbirdphotography.com
  6. It was tricky trying to use a DSLR with one hand while the bug kept moving on the other hand.
  7. Arrr, Matey...This is how ya walk the plank.
  8. One of my sharpest bee photos. Edit: So much for my sharpness comment. Clicking the image restores some of the quality lost in upload.
  9. While a Red-tailed Hawk might try to take down a groundhog, the hawk would not be able to take off with it. Groundhogs are considerably heavier than Red-tailed Hawks so groundhog wouldn't be on the take away menu.
  10. I have all kinds of bug photos but I'll start with one of my creepiest, a bug with bugs.
  11. I think you misunderstood, but I'll wait for @Charlie Spencer to explain the joke.
  12. I have had the same thing happen to me too often to blame it on being tired. I think there's a glitch with the website related to unread topics. Besides taking me to the end of the Next unread topic now and then instead of taking me to the first unread post in the next topic, the website seems to hide some posts on me now and then, too. Here's an example of an experience I had. I walked away from the computer once for an hour after reading all the current threads only to come back and find one new post along with a bunch of older posts that were 2-4 hours old. I didn't see the older posts because they weren't there an hour earlier, but the time stamp on the posts said they had been there for 2-4 hours. If it had only happened once to me I'd question myself, and I did, but after it happened a few times I started watching for missed posts and I have been finding them. I wonder if that's what's happened to you.
  13. My opinion was about people rating their own photos and not about rating anyone else's photos, and I don't believe anything I said to be "not true". If you disagree with my opinion and think that people should rate their own photos with a 5 star rating when they know that there are better quality images out there,(which is the only way I can interpret your objection to my opinion) well, I'll agree that we disagree.
  14. Wow, sorry for my choice of words. I was not suggesting that anyone should disregard the requirements of the eBird rating system. I simply tried to encourage people to be honest about rating their photos and use comparisons of other top rated photos to help them honestly evaluate the quality of their own photos. Sorry to have offended you, I will chose my words more cautiously in the future.
  15. They're ALL good captions but @Jefferson Shank gets the win for picking out the finer details that drive me crazy. My caption would have been, If I get in there, will I be able to get back out, or will I have to eat my way out? The follow up shot.
  16. What part of my interpretation is not true? I believe my statement aligns pretty well with the requirements. The way I read the requirements, only the best photos deserve 5 stars, they call these photos "excellent". 4 star photos are referred to as "good". 3 stars are referred to as "decent", etc., etc. Are you implying that less than the BEST photos deserve 5 star ratings? I don't understand what part of my post you're objecting to. 5 Stars: Excellent quality. 4 Stars: Very good quality. 3 Stars: Decent quality. 2 Stars: Poor quality. 1 Star: Very poor quality.
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