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  1. Do you have access to your photos now, @Birds are cool? If so, you can share your caption photo now, unless someone else posts something before you. ?
  2. I'd wager that getting a clean foreground happens even less often. ???
  3. This was a tough decision for me, I like the creative ditty of @MacMe but I have to give the win to @xpoetmarcr whose caption paralleled the, 'Is this going to go down?' caption I had in my head.
  4. What are you talking about????? It looks like it's in the right thread to me. ? *gives @Kevin a wink and a nod*
  5. BRDL 173 ???? ???? ???? ????
  6. birdie ? #56: ?????? https://birdiegame.net/ I totally botched this one. I had considered this bird as a possibility but dismissed it because I didn't see colors that I thought should have been there.
  7. Sorry @GracesWarbler, Southwestern Ontario is as far southwest as my camera has traveled.
  8. I know it isn't a great caption shot so I'll pick a winner tomorrow evening and speed things along. Last call for Captions.
  9. BRDL 172 ???? ???? ???? ????
  10. birdie ? #55: ????⬛⬛ https://birdiegame.net/ Accidental double tap on my second guess.
  11. I can explain that with, it's just been one of those days. @Kevin, would you be able to move that errant BRDL post of mine to the right thread, please and thank you.
  12. BRDL 171 ???? ???? ???? ???? ????
  13. birdie ? #54: ??⬛⬛⬛⬛ https://birdiegame.net/
  14. Welcome to Whatbird, @Birder. I just checked eBird's rarity page and there's confirmed sightings from the 10th, 11th, and 12th, but nothing listed yet for the 13th that I could find. Hopefully it sticks around for those chasing it. Good luck in your search.
  15. 20ish games old but obviously worth repeating. ?
  16. LOL...my first thought was Great Horned Owl but I convinced myself it was more complicated than that and went with Northern Hawk Owl for my first guess...LOL
  17. I'm going to guess that it's the color of the beak that is the big clue that I didn't know about. Combining the dark beak of the young one with the bit of plumage shown in that first shot could be a dead giveaway, if you knew enough to rule out the other dark billed owls.
  18. Okay, I'm curious about this dead giveaway. I see the owlet's beak but I don't know anything about the beaks of young owls. Is a young Great Horned Owl's beak different than other young owls? Or is there something else I'm missing?
  19. birdie ? #53: ?????⬛ https://birdiegame.net/
  20. BRDL 170 ???? ???? ???? ????
  21. I think I see the dead giveaway, but I can't figure out what makes it a dead giveaway or how it would rule out other possibilities. Care to explain what I'm missing, or is the dead giveaway something in the plumage itself that I'm missing? I can wait until tomorrow if your explanation is more than you want to reveal today.
  22. Since @Birds are cool doesn't have access to his/her(?) own photos, we'll go with one of my photos. Caption this...
  23. If that isn't your photo @Birds are cool, you shouldn't be posting it. Please read the Forum Rules posted at the top of the page.
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