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  1. through binoculars and naked eye I could see the white line under black eyes, then dark brown/black under that - it wasn't as bright and light as the flicker ... I don't see that in any flicker pics - it does show in the even in the blurry pics above mmmm
  2. oh, I failed to mention - I did notice a light red circular spot on back of head too. I thought of the flicker when I saw pics yesterday but, the flicker has a lot more coloring than this bird has - aside from red dot -- and the flicker doesn't have the very distinct white line under black eyes... mmm thank you so much for responding ... any other ideas?
  3. This bird seen in backyard in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia at approximately 7:00am on July 16, 2018. It's been raining here quite a bit of late though ground was wet didn't start to rain yet - cloudy though. Other birds hadn't come to feed as yet, I think I saw a Thrasher show while it was still feeding, and maybe a song sparrow - that's it. Did notice when more birds started to appear he left. Thanks again.
  4. I need help in identifying this bird who arrived yesterday. At first I thought it was a dove but quickly noticed he was eating way too fast and the doves don't eat like that-so I ran for my binoculars. It is sized like a dove though. Very distinct white line under dark eyes, then a dark throat; a dark patch of dark brown/black on breast, very spotted throughout entire body; short bill. Though the rump his coloring starts from light to dark as you reach the tail. The best I could do with the pics. Thank you for any help.
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