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  1. Correction -- This was taken at the Grand Canyon
  2. Photographed on a road trip this week -- Calif, Nevada area
  3. Sorry the lighting is not great, but can someone tell which species we have here ? Today, in Cedar Hill, TX
  4. It just doesn’t have the little mohawk like I’m used to seeing…
  5. Yesterday, in Cedar Hill TX. We don’t recognize this species. Any help?
  6. First, thanks to everyone that has helped us ID new birdsongs we have heard this year !! We taped this one this morning, in Cedar Hill TX ... Any ideas ? 7942272D-DD0C-4834-8AF6-4060984B944F_2_0_a.mov
  7. Red-bellied Woodpecker is it! I checked the call on the Audobon app. Thanks! Gordon
  8. In Cedar Hill Tx today This is one we’ve not heard before. any ideas? FullSizeRender.MOV
  9. here's a direct link: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0OGY8gBYGvW8BX
  10. Saw this bird at our Midlothian Whataburger today. Any idea what it is? IMG_0037.MOV
  11. Filmed tonight in Cedar Hill Texas. We’ve been hearing this bird for years. Is this a whipp-poor-will? Song sounds different than the one on Audubon‘s website IMG_9513.MOV
  12. I heard this bird this evening, in Cedar Hill. Texas. Any idea which bird it is? He sings at the beginning and end of this short clip. FullSizeRender.MOV
  13. It looks like he got stunned, but I have not seen this pairs here before. Photographed in Cedar Hill Texas this morning. Any thoughts? Rose Breasted Grosbeak maybe? If so it appears we he’s on a very uncommon migration route.
  14. Saw a black bird at the feeder this morning (Cedar Hill, TX) with a yellow or light stripe on it's lower body. Is this just a red-winged black bird variant ? Gordon
  15. We've never seen a Lark Sparrow at our property (not that it's not possible). We do have Lincoln's, White Crowned, House, Chipping and Harris. Have not heard this song before, so we thought it might be a new one .. Gordon
  16. Can someone identify this bird song? Recorded today in Cedar Hill Texas. (Disregard the cardinal in the background) 😀 Gordon IMG_8397.MOV
  17. Try this link https://www.flashpho.com/Family/n-VStG5x/Birds-/i-PZCgN36
  18. And I don't see any red .. Photographed in Cedar Hill, TX last summer. Gordon
  19. I think I photographed this one last summer, Cedar Hill TX .. Is this a sparrow of some type ? The chest stripes look like the Savannah, but I've not seen one with the yellow around the eye.
  20. but the beak looks too long (and wrong color). Any help with this one ? Spotted today in Cedar Hill, TX. Gordon
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