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  1. Yellow-headed Caracara on 5-22-2024 in Lomita, CA
  2. Taken on 4-24-2024 at Puddingstone Lake in San Dimas, CA. I don't have very good photos because it was straight up, high above me. But it seems like a very pale bird. My first thought was a vireo, but the bill seems too thin -- more like a warbler. Hopefully the bill, tail and the face/eye give enough clues that someone can identify it. If its a vireo, I would lean toward Cassin's. If its a warbler, I would think Lucy's. But I'm not sure about anything.
  3. Yellow-footed Gull Taken on 4-24-2024 at Puddingstone Dam in San Dimas, CA (Los Angeles County)
  4. That was my first thought based on shape, but I don't think I've ever seen a California Scrub-Jay with all that rust coloring on the breast and belly. Although, it was about a half hour before sundown, and at quite a distance, so the colors might not be accurate. Thanks.
  5. Taken 3-20-2024 above Lower Scholl Canyon Park in Glendale, CA.
  6. Where did you get that?
  7. I originally reported this as YBSA / RNSA, since that is how it has been reported by most others -- as recommended by Kimball Garrett to original finder Mark Scheel. However, I have decided to change my report to simply "sapsucker sp."
  8. In the book "National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of Western North America," regarding YBSA it notes: "a few adults show some reddish on nape."
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