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  1. Actually, this was 5-2-2023.
  2. Olive-sided Flycatcher on 5-2-2022.
  3. Thanks. I don't think I've ever photographed one in-flight from above. It looks a little different. And I didn't realize the base of the tail was so wide.
  4. Taken on 4-27-2023 at Bear Divide in Angeles National Forest, Los Angeles County.
  5. Thanks. I thought this was a Tricolored (mostly because of the shape of the bill), but I had never identified one before -- although it's possible that I have a few photos of them without knowing it.
  6. Taken on 4-11-2023 at Quail Lake in northern Los Angeles County.
  7. "Hang on, we've got turbulence coming."
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