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  1. Taken on 7-4-2021 in the late afternoon at my friend's residence in Monrovia, CA (Los Angeles County).

    So there were 4 parrots sitting on a wire...

    This is the first time I've had photos of parrots that were good enough for identification, although I don't have profile photos of any of them. The photos are uploaded in chronological order.

    In the 2nd and 4th photo, the red on the forehead and crown goes well beyond the eye and there is some bluish right behind the eye.  So I believe these are Red-crowned Parrots.

    In the 3rd photo, the red on the crown does not appear to extend beyond the eye.  I'm wondering if this could be a Red-lored Parrot -- even though there is not really any yellow on the cheeks (some pics I've seen of them do not show yellow cheeks.)

    Since the 1st one is head-on, if it were the same as the 3rd, then it could be a Red-lored too (without yellow on the cheeks.)  I'm not sure if Red-crowned and Red-lored hang out together.

    Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.





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  2. Taken on 7-4-2021 at a friend's residence in Monrovia, CA (Los Angeles County).

    I think this is a European Starling, but just wanted to make sure since some of its distinguishing characteristics are very subtle -- hint of yellow/orange on end of bill, hint of red in the legs, very little speckling.





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