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  1. Thanks everyone.  That's another new one for me.  That makes 7 new species that have been identified from my photos from yesterday -- and I still have several more to ID.  

    I went to a migration counting and banding operation for the first time.  It was great to see how that all works.  I was amazed at how they could immediately identify the passerines in flight.  I have to take pictures, then come home and do research to identify most of them -- even the ones sitting still.

    If anyone wants to see my partial checklist, its here: https://ebird.org/checklist/S86692306

    And feel free to let me know if I've mis-identified any with photos (or without photos if you're that good).

  2. Taken on 4-29-2021 in the morning at Bear Divide in Angeles National Forest (between Canyon Country and Lake View Terrace, CA).  Ongoing migration count and banding station.

    I know everyone says you need to see the tail feathers to distinguish female/immature Rufous from an Allen's.  So that's what I've got, but I don't know exactly what I'm looking for.  My feeling is a Rufous, but I can't say why.


  3. Taken on 4-26-2021 in the late afternoon in a residential backyard in Glendale, CA.

    This is the first Kingbird I've seen in my backyard.  And just when I thought I was getting good at identifying kingbirds, I'm questioning myself about this one.

    All photos are the same bird.




  4. Taken on 4-25-2021 in the afternoon above the LA River near Glendale Narrows Riverwalk, Glendale, CA.

    I was able to identify some Northern Rough-winged Swallows and Barn Swallows flying in the same area, but not sure if this is a swallow or a swift.  The two pics are not necessarily the same bird -- nor same species for that matter.



  5. 2 hours ago, Bird-Boys said:

    Do you have any other pictures of the bird, @Dan P?

    I have one other shot of it coming out of the water, but the wings are in the same position and show the same dark areas, and the head is cocked to the left so you can't see the bill.

    I had deleted the 3 frames before this photo during my first pass at looking through them.  I restored those photos and there is nothing but sky or water -- no bird.  The photo prior to those appears to be a Forster's Tern preparing to dive.  It's probably the same bird, but I can't be sure of it. 

    I remember trying a method where I saw the bird starting to dive, then I pointed at the water where I thought it would hit and started shooting.  If that's what I was doing with this bird, then I missed the spot where it hit, but caught up with it coming out of the water.

    Attached is that a photo of that bird -- with only cropping, no other processing.


  6. Taken 4-16-2021 at Puddingstone Lake in San Dimas, CA (Los Angeles County).

    There were several Forster's Terns flying and diving in this area.  I'm not sure what to make of this bird.

    Is this a Forster's Tern, and the dark areas just shadows?

    This was taken at 1:37 pm on a sunny day.  The sun was high in the sky, but on the other side of the subject from the camera.



  7. Taken 2021-04-16 at Puddingstone Lake in San Dimas, CA (Los Angeles County)

    Photos 1 & 2 are of the same bird.

    Photos 3 & 4 are of the same bird.

    Photos 5 & 6 may be of the same bird.  There was a bird moving around in the thickets and these photos were taken within the same minute -- two frames apart.







  8. I know for some of you Bald Eagles are a common sight.  But I saw my first one about a month ago on a nest at San Gabriel Reservoir.  And this is my first one in flight taken yesterday 4-16-2021 at Puddingstone Lake in San Dimas, CA.



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