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  1. Taken 2-17-2021 at the Los Angeles River south of CA Hwy-2 overpass in Elysian Valley, CA. All these photos were taken within about 20 yards of each other in 5 different trees/shrubs. I believe they are all the same species. There were a few identifiable Yellow-rumped (Audubon's) Warblers nearby. I'm thinking these are all Yellow-rumped Warblers, but I'm not confident. If they are, the typical yellow patches and eye crescents are very muted. The pairs of photos in the same tree/shrub are the same bird (1st pair same, 2nd pair same, 3rd pair same). Some of the photos may be the same bird in different trees. I don't have shots of the rump for any of these birds, but where you can see the underside, end of the tail, I think it looks good for YRWA.
  2. Taken 2-17-2021 at the Los Angeles River near Fletcher Dr. bridge in Atwater Village, CA. When I took this shot, I thought it was a Black-crowned Night Heron by it's size and stance. But now I'm not so sure. It's all brown, but doesn't have white spots on its back. And it's head is quite bushy -- although it was a bit windy. Could this be anything other than BCNH ?
  3. Taken 2-27-2021 above the Los Angeles River near Fletcher Drive bridge in Atwater Village, CA. What are these white pigeons?
  4. Taken 2-21-2021 late afternoon on a residential backyard slope in Glendale, CA. I occasionally get a Bewick's Wren at my suet feeder, or on my balcony deck below feeders. But yesterday I saw this wren on the ground and it looks a little different. Is this a House Wren? Thanks.
  5. Taken 2-15-2021 on the Los Angeles River in Atwater Village, CA. Is the yellow bird a female Common Yellowthroat? And is the other a Song Sparrow (both photos are the same bird).
  6. Taken 2-15-2021 above the Los Angeles River in Atwater Village, CA. I'm thinking Tree Swallow, crow or raven (can't tell) and maybe a California Gull. If its a California Gull, that's the first one I've identified.
  7. Taken 2-15-2021 above Los Angeles River from Sunnynook Foot Bridge in Atwater Village, CA. Can this be identified?
  8. Taken 2-15-2021 in the afternoon at Lower Scholl Canyon Park in Glendale, CA. The first 2 photos are of the same bird. The 2 birds in the third photo were just about 15 feet away from the first bird
  9. Taken 2-15-2021 afternoon at Lower Scholl Canyon Park in Glendale, CA. Is the first one a Nuttall's woodpecker? And the second photo, I'm not even sure if it's a woodpecker. This is the only shot I have of it and I didn't see or hear it otherwise. There were several Acorn Woodpeckers about 50-75 yards away. But I'm not sure about that brown-rust coloring on the wings and tail -- or if the tail stops at the end of the brown-rust, or continues for a couple more inches with a mottled appearance.
  10. Well I guess I've never seen a Pine Siskin taking a bath before. He looks wonky. And I can see the Dark-eyed Junco now, but it doesn't look like any I've seen around here before. There were several Dark-eyed Junco's about 30 yards away from this one, but here they are and they look like the typical ones I see:
  11. Taken 2-15-2021 afternoon at Lower Scholl Canyon Park in Glendale, CA. The first two are the same bird. I don't think I've seen this one before. For the second two, I can't figure out the bird in the foreground taking a bath.
  12. Not only can I not tell the difference between a crow and a raven, I can't even tell the difference between a Corvus and a Buteo.
  13. Interesting. I thought the head profile and bill was a crow.
  14. Taken 2-11-2021 in Glendale, CA. I think the one with the Red-tailed is a crow, but I wouldn't be able to identify it by this photo or the few others that I have of it. The other I think is a raven, but I'm not sure. I don't know if the small apparent wedge shape in the closed up tail is enough to ID it as a raven.
  15. Taken 2-11-2021 in the late afternoon in Glendale, CA. These are the first sparrows I've seen at my house other than White-crowned Sparrows. These photos were taken within 15 minutes of each other. They may or may not be the same bird. I only saw one bird at a time -- coming out from some undergrowth. I'm thinking Song and/or Lincoln's.
  16. Avery, I'm not able to ID them from that photo, but that's because I can't tell the difference between them most of the time. Let's see what the others have to say.
  17. All taken 2-7-2021 at Hansen Dam in Los Angeles, CA. The perched bird was taken late afternoon. The image was lightened quite a bit and has been upsized to 300%. The gull was taken late afternoon and was far away in the background. The image was lighted some and has been upsized to 300% The raptor photos were taken at dusk. The images were lightened quite a bit. Have at it.
  18. Yesterday in the hour before sundown there were hundreds of crows that flew over the lake where I was photographing. I think they were landing somewhere a few hundred yards from where I was. I couldn't see them, but heard a loud cacophony of calls. Same thing happened last time I was there on Jan. 1, 2021, except I would say there were thousands of them -- waves of 50 to 100 at a time every minute or two, with many stragglers in between each wave. Next time I'm there I'm going to go see where they are roosting.
  19. Well it doesn't have to be an American Crow, it can be Canadian.
  20. Oh, I thought crows were everywhere all the time.
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