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  1. Taken 11-29-2020 in the afternoon at Vasquez Rocks Natural Area, Agua Dulce, CA. 1) Western Bluebird? 2) Adult and immature White-crowned Sparrows? 3 & 4) Not sure, but possibly a California Towhee? I saw one a little earlier. 5) Crow? saying hello to a Red-tailed. Other's photographed same place were Bewick's Wren, Bushtit, California Towhee and Common Raven.
  2. Yes, it's not easy. A couple things that might help -- depending on how much time you have before the bird is gone. Try keeping both eyes open and follow the bird with your non-camera eye while you zero-in on the bird through the viewfinder. Also, if you are using a zoom lens, start with it zoomed out to get the bird in the frame, then zoom in once you've focused on the bird. And try to keep your camera, arms and shoulders fixed while following the bird, rotating your torso at the waist. Good luck.
  3. Thanks Guys. Charlie, for birds in flight your camera, lens and card can make a difference, but if you are shooting in full auto you are probably not going to have good results. I usually set the aperture and shutter speed manually to something reasonable for the conditions and bird's quickness in maneuvering and wingbeats. And put the ISO in auto (with max ISO preferably 6400 or more). Autofocus should be either center-weighted or spot. Then its up to how steady you can be and how good you are at acquiring the focus before shooting. I'm sure there are plenty of different methods, but I get more good shots doing that. The Cooper's Hawk caught me by surprise and I just started shooting. I was taking photos of a yellow-rumped warbler sitting in a tree and the settings were f11 and 1/200, so the COHA photos didn't turn out so good.
  4. Ha! That's a first for me. I had been wanting to see a Say's Phoebe, and when I did, I didn't know what it was. Thanks DLecy.
  5. Taken 11-27-2020 in late afternoon at North Atwater Park, Atwater Village, CA -- above Los Angeles River. I'm thinking this is a Cooper's Hawk.
  6. Taken 11-27-2020 in the afternoon at North Atwater Park, Atwater Village, CA -- above the Los Angeles River. Is this a Kingbird? Cassin's or Western? If so, is the orange/rust coloring unusual, or no? Thanks.
  7. Thanks Charlie. You know, I just didn't see it as a finch's bill. It didn't seem to have the thickness at the base, from top to bottom. And I had not seen a female AMGO from the front before. Actually, this is only the second photo I have of an AMGO.
  8. Thanks BirdNuts and Avery. Sometimes my mind goes blank. At least I didn't think it was a hawk.
  9. Taken 11-21-2020 in the afternoon at Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve in Van Nuys, CA. I don't know where to start with this bird.
  10. I didn't see any that were black, but I don't suppose that means they were all female. Thanks.
  11. Taken 11-15-2020 in late afternoon at Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve in Van Nuys, CA. Are these photos all of Red-Winged Blackbirds? The second photo is a zoom-in of the bird in the first photo. They flew up out of some reeds and then I came upon what I think was the same group of birds about 10 minutes later in some reeds (last two photos). Thanks.
  12. Taken 11-18-2020 in Glendale, CA (backyard). For the past month or more I've had a lot of Lesser Goldfinches at my feeders. But one day last week I think I photographed an American Goldfinch -- maybe two. The 1st photo is of the bird that I think is an American Goldfinch -- first time I've seen one. I'd like confirmation please. The 2nd and 3rd photos are of a pale colored bird that was seen at the same time, and I think these 2 photos are of as single bird. I'm not really sure what this bird is, but wondering if it is also an American Goldfinch. The 4th photo is the 1st bird next to what I believe is the bird from the 2nd and 3rd photos. The 5th photo is a Lesser Goldfinch that was taken about the same time and place -- for comparison. And the 6th photo, at the feeder, has a pale bird that I think is similar to the one in photos 2 and 3. All these photos were taken within 10 minutes of each other. Thanks.
  13. Thanks Michael and Aidan. I've seen COYEs before, but with the black mask. I can see the difference now between this COYE and OCWA. I had narrowed down the sparrows to Lincoln's, Song and Vesper. SOSP is another new one for me. Thanks again.
  14. Taken 11-14-2020 late afternoon at the Los Angeles River near Sunnynook Bridge, Atwater Village. Please confirm or correct my IDs. Black-throated Gray Warbler -- this is a new one for me. Orange-crowned Warbler Sparrow, I'm leaning toward Lincoln's, but not very sure.
  15. I got a little better photo -- taken on 11-14-2020 at the same location.
  16. Thanks Tony. That Shoveler was quite a ways off, but something about it didn't look like a mallard (of which there were a lot) to my naked eye -- maybe the way it was flying.
  17. Taken 11-15-2020 afternoon at Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve in Van Nuys, CA. These are new species for me, so I want to confirm my IDs. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Downy Woodpecker Northern Shoveler Thanks.
  18. Taken 11-11-2020 late afternoon at the Los Angeles River near Glendale Blvd bridge, Atwater Village. There were many of these little birds, like swifts, flying all around staying in one general area. I'm going to have to come up with a strategy for getting a better shot, but I'm sure you all can ID them from these photos.
  19. Taken 11-11-2020 late afternoon at the Los Angeles River near Glendale Blvd bridge in Atwater Village. Please confirm if my identifications are correct. 1, 2 -- Lincoln's Sparrow 3 -- Greater Yellowlegs 4 -- juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron 5 -- Rock Pigeons 6 -- unspotted Spotted Sandpiper
  20. Good job Colton. I figured it would be easy enough for someone with feeders.
  21. How about 3 (or more) species of passerines in one shot.
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