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  1. All taken 2-7-2021 at Hansen Dam in Los Angeles, CA.

    The perched bird was taken late afternoon.  The image was lightened quite a bit and has been upsized to 300%.

    The gull was taken late afternoon and was far away in the background.  The image was lighted some and has been upsized to 300%

    The raptor photos were taken at dusk.  The images were lightened quite a bit.

    Have at it.







  2. Yesterday in the hour before sundown there were hundreds of crows that flew over the lake where I was photographing.  I think they were landing somewhere a few hundred yards from where I was.  I couldn't see them, but heard a loud cacophony of calls.

    Same thing happened last time I was there on Jan. 1, 2021, except I would say there were thousands of them -- waves of 50 to 100 at a time every minute or two, with many stragglers in between each wave.

    Next time I'm there I'm going to go see where they are roosting.

  3. 19 minutes ago, Aaron said:

    *stares in Alberta*

    Haha, we do get a few crows that stick around, but I’ve never seen one before the end of March.

    Elsewhere though, crows commonly harass ravens so shouldn’t be too bad 


    7 minutes ago, lonesome55dove said:

    I live in South-Central Washington and American Crows are few and far between or at least in my observations. However, Common Ravens are quite plentiful. ?

    Well it doesn't have to be an American Crow, it can be Canadian.


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  4. Taken 2-5-2021 in the morning in Glendale, CA.

    This is a new bird at my feeder.  When I saw it I thought it was some kind of wren.  But after trying to ID the photos, I come up with Orange-crowned Warbler -- although the bill seems to be a bit long.  All my other photos of OCWAs have been perched in trees.  If this is an OCWA, its the first time I've seen one at a feeder and it looks different.



  5. Taken 1-30-2021 in the afternoon at Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve, Van Nuys, CA.

    The eBird charts for this hotspot show that there have not been any observations of Rufous Hummingbird between the 2nd week of Dec. and the 1st week of Feb. (1900-2021).

    Also the charts indicate a high frequency of observations of Allen's Hummingbird in all 52 weeks of the year.

    Even so, if the species of this bird cannot be confidently identified by these photos, is it best to ID it as Rufous/Allen's?




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