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  1. Taken on 11-26-2022 at Cardiff State Beach, San Diego Co., CA.

    Not sure what the smaller bird is in the first photo -- the larger is a Willet.

    The second image is the first photo lightened excessively.

    The third image is the only other angle I have on the bird.

    There were a couple of Sanderlings about 50 feet away, but I'm not sure if this bird is a Sanderling.





  2. 14 hours ago, IKLland said:

    It’s a Scaup, look at that bill! I’m not sure if it’s greater or lesser, but probably lesser.

    Okay, I can see that.  There were at least handful of Lesser Scaups on the lake.  It was in the background on the far side of the lake.  I guess the angle of the light and the exposure made it look solid black -- especially next to that coot.

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