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  1. Only one other frame of #11, but it is essentially identical. I realized I needed to go to manual focus to get through the twigs, but by the time I did, the bird took off.
  2. Taken 12-25-2020 in the afternoon near Haskell Creek in the Sepulveda Basin, Van Nuys, CA. I hardly ever get sparrows at my house -- only an occasional White-crowned. And the places I normally go, if I see any its only two or three. But on Christmas day I found where all the sparrows hang out. I may have seen 50 to 100. Of the attached photos, I believe they are all Savannah, except for the 3rd one a Song, and the last one (no. 11) I have no idea. But some of those that I've identified as Savannah may actually be Song. Comments please.
  3. Taken 12-25-2020 afternoon near Haskell Creek at Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve, Van Nuys, CA. The first one seems kind of like a Yellow-rumped Warbler, but I don't think so. The second one seems like a California Towhee, but I'm not sure. It's quite dark.
  4. Wow! I hit the jackpot. Besides those 3 species, I also photographed a Red-Tailed Hawk and American Kestrel on the same day/place. First time I had been to that spot -- about a half a mile away from the lake where I usually go. And that's my first Sharpie identified, although I think I may have an old photo of one. Thanks Tony. I appreciate it.
  5. Taken 12-25-2020 near Haskell Creek at Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve, Van Nuys, CA. I've got a few raptors to identify. One or more of these photos may be the same bird that was identified as a Cooper's Hawk a couple days ago. However, that photo and each of these were separated by time and distance.
  6. OK, thanks MIchael and Aidan. It really looks a lot different than that other other one from yesterday. But I see it.
  7. Ha! I was afraid you were going to say that. My second Gadwall -- assuming it holds up. I suppose this is a male and the other a female. But its plumage looks so different from any of the Gadwall photos I've looked at. Thanks.
  8. Taken 12-25-2020 in the afternoon on the Los Angeles River at Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve in Van Nuys, CA. I don't know what this duck is. For size comparison, the last photo includes an American Coot and the two Green-winged Teals (foreground) that were identified earlier.
  9. Taken 12-25-2020 late afternoon near Haskell Creek, Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve, Van Nuys, CA. Cooper's Hawk?
  10. Taken 12-25-2020 late afternoon on the Los Angeles River at Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve, Van Nuys, CA. Are there any Gadwalls here?
  11. Taken 2020-12-25 late afternoon near Haskell Creek, Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve, Van Nuys, CA Is this a Nuttall's Woodpecker?
  12. Thanks Kevin and Michael. Yes, Los Angeles County. Looks like its a Pin-tailed Whydah.
  13. I have taken down my feeders and will sanitize them and leave them down for awhile. Also hosed down my balcony and everything on it. And I'll notify my neighbors on NextDoor app. Thanks. Poor birds.
  14. What sparrow-sized bird in Southern California this time of year would have a bright red bill and gold/copper crown?
  15. I saw these two birds at my feeders yesterday in Glendale, CA. I suppose the Lesser Goldfinch has House Finch Eye Disease. But I'm not sure what the condition of the House Finch is. It appears to be a tumor. It looks the same from both sides. Not in the eyes.
  16. Taken on 2020-11-14 in the late afternoon at the Los Angeles River, near Sunnynook Foot Bridge, Atwater Village, CA. Are all of these immature Red-shouldered Hawks? 1 & 2 are the same bird taken at 4:37 pm 3 & 4 are the same bird taken at 5:09 pm 5 & 6 are the same bird taken at 5:16 pm There were 6 minutes when the bird on the cable was gone between 3/4 and 5/6. I don't know if all of the photos are one and the same bird, or if there are two or three different birds here.
  17. Taken 11-21-2020 at Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve in Van Nuys, CA. This bird has been puzzling me for a month. I wanted it to be a warbler. But I just realized it is likely a thrush (if so, my first). The bar charts on eBird indicate it is likely a Hermit Thrush, but I'm not so sure. I'm including a couple different exposures as produced by the camera. The first one is probably underexposed and the other two maybe a little overexposed. It was direct sunlight at 3:45 pm, and no leaves on the burnt trees. The legs/feet are not shown in any of the photos I have.
  18. Thanks DLecy and Birding Boy. The Swift is another new one for me.
  19. Taken 12-19-2020 in late afternoon at Los Angeles River in Atwater Village, CA. Does the first photo (_4010) look like a White-throated Swift? This is the only photo of that bird that I have because it was in the background of a raven I was photographing. There were a few other similar birds that I believe are Northern Rough-winged Swallows in the remaining 3 photos. The 4th photo puts the 3rd photo in context of what I was actually photographing.
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