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  1. Thanks Guys.

    Charlie, for birds in flight your camera, lens and card can make a difference, but if you are shooting in full auto you are probably not going to have good results.  I usually set the aperture and shutter speed manually to something reasonable for the conditions and bird's quickness in maneuvering and wingbeats.  And put the ISO in auto (with max ISO preferably 6400 or more).  Autofocus should be either center-weighted or spot.  Then its up to how steady you can be and how good you are at acquiring the focus before shooting.  I'm sure there are plenty of different methods, but I get more good shots doing that.

    The Cooper's Hawk caught me by surprise and I just started shooting.  I was taking photos of a yellow-rumped warbler sitting in a tree and the settings were f11 and 1/200, so the COHA photos didn't turn out so good.


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  2. Taken 11-15-2020 in late afternoon at Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve in Van Nuys, CA.

    Are these photos all of Red-Winged Blackbirds?  The second photo is a zoom-in of the bird in the first photo.  

    They flew up out of some reeds and then I came upon what I think was the same group of birds about 10 minutes later in some reeds (last two photos).








  3. Taken 11-18-2020 in Glendale, CA (backyard).

    For the past month or more I've had a lot of Lesser Goldfinches at my feeders.  But one day last week I think I photographed an American Goldfinch -- maybe two.

    The 1st photo is of the bird that I think is an American Goldfinch -- first time I've seen one.  I'd like confirmation please.

    The 2nd and 3rd photos are of a pale colored bird that was seen at the same time, and I think these 2 photos are of as single bird.  I'm not really sure what this bird is, but wondering if it is also an American Goldfinch.

    The 4th photo is the 1st bird next to what I believe is the bird from the 2nd and 3rd photos.

    The 5th photo is a Lesser Goldfinch that was taken about the same time and place -- for comparison.

    And the 6th photo, at the feeder, has a pale bird that I think is similar to the one in photos 2 and 3.

    All these photos were taken within 10 minutes of each other.








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