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  1. Taken 10-12-2020 in the late afternoon at Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve in Van Nuys, CA.

    The first 3 photos were taken in the same sequence.  1 and 2 are definitely one and the same bird.  The last 3 photos were taken about 15 minutes later, from the same place and pointing the same direction, and definitely a single bird. 

    I believe the Grebe in the first 2 photos is the same bird as the one in the last 3 photos.  If I remember correctly there was only one adult Grebe in the area.  I threw in the 3rd photo to see if it is a juvenile Grebe.  The gull was in all 6 photos before cropping.

    If I only had photos 1 and 5, I would think it was a Clark's Grebe.  But the other photos suggest a Western Grebe.  Although it could have have characteristics of both.  Maybe a hybrid?

    What's the story here?  It is just the effect of the lighting giving me problems?







  2. Thanks Michael.

    Not being a birder, it took me a while to identify it as a female Audobon's using WhatBird Search -- even with that last photo.

    I can usually identify adult males using WhatBird Search, but I'm never confident about females, juveniles or birds with different first/second year plumage.

    After I identified it, I was looking back at the other photos of it and wondered if there was enough info in them to ID it, or what could be said at minimum about it.  So I posted that first photo.  I expected the best I would get is that its some kind of warbler, or maybe not even that specific.

    I was stunned when MichaelLong  came back fairly quickly and nailed the species.  Then there was agreement, and no dissenting views or other suggestions.  I wondered "how many birds have these people looked at from every possible perspective and stage of life?"  Its a little scary.

    But I do want to say that I really appreciate all of the experts on this forum willing to spend their time to comment on all the photos posted.  And its great that everyone is so pleasant and respectful.  Thanks.

    Dan P.

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