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  1. 21 hours ago, Avery said:

    Not sure which one you’re talking about… but the main two species are Greater and Lesser Scaup with a few of another species mixed in. 

    Catamaran about 15% from right edge, and just below the mid-line.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Avery said:

    If you click the link you should be able to zoom in with better resolution.

    That's better, but the best I can say is that I think they are ducks.

    I see one that looks like a catamaran -- what is that?


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  3. Taken on 1-5-2022 in the afternoon on the Los Angeles River between Burbank Channel confluence and the Riverside Dr. bridge in Glendale, CA.

    I usually don't attempt to ID immature gulls (and I think this is one).  There were just two gulls standing in the water (a Western and this one) and I'm just curious what this is.  I have a couple guesses, but could be way off.  I looked away to photograph some other birds and was going to come back to this one to get better shots, but when I turned back it was gone.





  4. I thought that last one was going to be fairly easy.  I hope this next one is much easier.


    A photo containing at least 2 different species whose common names start with a hyphenated descriptor that is composed of first a color and second a body part.  E.g. -- Black-throated ??? and Ruby-crowned ???

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