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  1. All five photos are in profile view like this -- 3 of them with the head very slightly turned away.
  2. Looking back at some older photos. This was taken on 3-24-2021 at Quail Lake in northern Los Angeles County. Can this scaup be identified? Thanks.
  3. In that case, I'd say it would qualify. Two different species -- the cardinal point can be in the subspecies name.
  4. The photo has to be taken after the challenge begins.
  5. Do you have a species with a common name containing a cardinal point, where the common name of the subspecies contains a different cardinal point?
  6. Two of the same species (regardless of subspecies) don't count.
  7. Taken on 12-11-2021 at the Los Angeles River at Glendale Narrows Riverwalk in Glendale, CA. I think this is an American Goldfinch, but whenever I think that, I'm usually wrong. I've seen hundreds of Lesser Goldfinches, but only 2 or 3 American Goldfinches. This one doesn't feel quite like a Lesser to me.
  8. Okay, that's what I thought, but that heavy band around the throat was making me wonder.
  9. Taken on 12-11-2021 above the Los Angeles River at Glendale Narrows Riverwalk in Glendale, CA. I think I know what this is, but not confident.
  10. Are the species in Liam's Quiz limited to those found in North America?
  11. OK, I'm going to get this challenge kick-started. A photo containing at least 2 species whose common names contain at least 2 different cardinal points of the compass: Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western. The two cannot be the same cardinal point. So if one is Eastern, then the other one needs to be either Northern, Southern or Western.
  12. Here you go. Taken today 12-13-2021 at Puddingstone Lake, San Dimas, CA.
  13. American Redstart taken today 12-11-2021 on the LA River in Glendale, CA.
  14. Taken in the morning on 4-29-2021 at Bear Divide in the San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles County, CA. Any ideas what this is?
  15. I had realized it was Abert's after I tried searching for it by Albert's.
  16. Now I see why I couldn't find the topic Lifers. Its under GENERAL BIRDING TOPICS -- not under Photo Sharing and Discussion where I was looking and found Photo Lifers.
  17. Well, I have seen Roadrunners (decades ago), but not since I've become a birder -- and I doubt that I ever photographed one. And it's possible that I have photographed a Northern Harrier before I started trying to identify and keep track of all the birds I see. I'd have to look back through a lot of old photos.
  18. I guess I can't delete the post. I reported it and asked to have it moved to the topic Lifers. Thanks.
  19. I went to Arizona for a week around Thanksgiving -- and my first birding excursion outside of Southern California. I went to 6 birding hotspots, but 2 of them were a bust. I saw a lot of birds at 4 of the locations -- 2 southeast of Phoenix and 2 in Prescott. I got 11 lifers. Was hoping for a few more (especially a Cactus Wren), but I'm happy with what I got: Abert's Towhee Black Vulture Canvasback Common Gallinule Curve-billed Thrasher Gambel's Quail Gila Woodpecker Greater Roadrunner Northern Harrier Tundra Swan Verdin
  20. Taken in the late afternoon on 11-28-2021 at Watson Lake, Prescott, AZ. The first two photos have Ruddy Ducks in the foreground and a Bufflehead in the background. Is the one in the center a Common Goldeneye? And in the third photo is the one on the right a Common Goldeneye? These photos were way in the distance across the lake.
  21. Taken in the late afternoon on 11-28-2021 at Watson Lake, Prescott, AZ. I think the one on the right is a Canvasback, but I want to make sure.
  22. Taken 11-26-2021 at Veterans Oasis Park in Maricopa County, AZ. This looks like a Northern Mockingbird to me, except that the bill seems a bit too long and a bit too curved.
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