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  1. Taken on 5-30-2022 at Lake Cuyamaca in San Diego County, CA What's this?
  2. Taken on 5-30-2022 at Lake Cuyamaca in San Diego County, CA I think I've got a Purple Martin and would like confirmation -- since it would be a lifer for me. Thanks
  3. Taken on 5-26-2022 on the Los Angeles River at Willow St., Long Beach, CA. I've never seen a Caspian Tern before, but I think that's what all these are. The first 3 photos are the same individual. The last two may be other individuals. Do I have a lifer?
  4. Thanks all. I want to show you a couple of photos from there same location taken on 2-3-2022 when there were 5 of them there. I think the smallest bird in the foreground of the first photo walked ahead of the other 4 that are in the second photo. Is the largest one with the biggest "grin" a Snow Goose?
  5. Taken in the late afternoon on 5-25-2022 at Santa Fe Dam Rec. Area in Irwindale, CA. These 3 small white geese were amongst a group of about 25-30 domestic geese. I'm pretty sure the smallest one is a Ross's Goose. The other two I'm not sure if they are two Snow Goose, a Snow Goose and a Snow X Ross's Goose, or two Snow X Ross's Goose -- or something else. What do you think?
  6. Los Angeles River, Willow Street, Long Beach on 5-26-2022.
  7. This is a mated pair with chicks in a nest.
  8. Taken on 4-27-2022 at Bear Divide in the Angeles National Forest, Los Angeles County.
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