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  1. Hi folks, Thanks for your help. Yes, it was smaller size, just slightly larger than a kestrel. Best wishes, Ken
  2. Hi folks, Saw this hawk today at World's End in Hingham, Plymouth County, MA. What type is it? Many thanks, Kenneth
  3. Hi folks, Please confirm that this is a photo of a female hooded merganser, or otherwise please let me know what bird this is. Seen at Cranberry Pond, Hingham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts on Saturday. Many thanks, Ken
  4. Hi folks, Saw this warbler [photo link to Flickr] at Brewer Pond in Hingham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts on October 24 around midday. Flitted from one low branch near the pond to another. Is it a Pine Warbler or a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet or something else? Many thanks. Best wishes, Kenneth Scott
  5. Hi folks, Saw this lark (click on 'lark' for photo) in Cabo Sardao, Portugal (southwest coast) on Sept 24, 2019. What type of lark is this? Crested lark? Wood lark? Skylark? Thanks. Best wishes, Kenneth
  6. Hi folks, These are hyperlinks to three photos ( photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 ) for a sparrow at Daniel Webster sanctuary in Marshfield, MA on Sept 27, 2020. At first I thought this was a Song Sparrow, since there were a few around, but then wondered if this particular one was a Savannah Sparrow or Swamp Sparrow or some other sparrow, given coloration and streaking. Regrets on photo quality; it was extraordinarily foggy that day. Thanks for any assistance. Best wishes, Ken
  7. Hi folks, Saw this flycatcher at World's End in Hingham, MA. It was perched at the water's edge, flying out to grab dragonflies and returning to its perch. Is this an Eastern Phoebe (eye seems to lack round shape, and beak seems too long) or Great Crested (doesn't quite have the head shape I would expect) or another type of flycatcher? Here is the hyperlink to the Flickr photo... flycatcher Thanks. Best wishes, Ken
  8. Thanks, that makes sense. (Obviously seeing 100+ tree swallows in the vicinity biased my initial guess.)
  9. Hi folks, Is this a bank swallow, or northern rough-winged swallow, or a juvenile tree swallow, or something else? https://www.flickr.com/photos/152506217@N03/50274473018/in/dateposted-public/ Seen at Burrage Pond in Hanson, MA. (Plymouth County.) I couldn't get a better photo, or a close look at its breast to check for a band. It would fly out from a branch extending above the pond, hover in midair for several seconds to eat an insect, then fly back to a branch. Many thanks, Ken
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