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  1. Based on the photo that Colton V sent -- this is how our birds differ: Longer beak (black), kind of like a flicker beak Glossy solid dark honey brown on entire head, top of back and wings, and tail. Longer tail However -- the band of black with white spots under the wing is exact, only it goes all the way across the chest. ?? Thank so much for your help!
  2. Not Starlings - the top and head of the birds were solid brown - no flecks. And the birds were silent. No vocalizations such as Starlings make... Could they be escaped exotic pets? We have so many fires around us.
  3. End of August, 2020, I saw five (5) birds eating the dried up blackberries on our Sierra Foothills property. They were close to 9" from tip of beak to tip of tail. Solid brown on the head and back of body. Black underside with white spots. Black leading edge of wings with white spots. We've searched the North American Field Guides backwards and forwards - No match! Help! This is driving us crazy! No photo unfortunately...
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